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10 Apps All Your Friends Are Using

The people have spoken. These awesome apps will keep you on top of all the cool trends while you're multitasking away on your Kindle Fire HDX!

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2. Urbanspoon


This app helps you find awesome restaurants around you based on categories like price, distance, cuisine, etc. With Urbanspoon, you'll always be able to find what you want, even when you have the strangest cravings. (Hey, it happens to the best of us, right?)

4. Buddy & Me


When the world starts getting a bit too real, it's nice to be able to escape to the magical world of Buddy & Me, where you and your faithful companion explore entire new worlds while overcoming obstacles and encountering curious beings along the way.

5. Wunderlist

john.schultz / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: 29853404@N03

We're all incredibly busy these days, whether it's with work-related or personal projects. With Wunderlist, you're able to keep track of everything in your life and even share your tasks with others whenever you need to collaborate!

6. Mint


It's too easy to lose track of your spending these days, especially if you have multiple bank accounts and loans that you're trying to pay off. Consolidate all your money management with Mint, set realistic goals, and track your progress all in one place!

7. CSR Racing


If you often find yourself with time to burn (or rubber) you can achieve both with this awesome racing game. You get to race officially licensed vehicles, you can customize your ride, and you get to take in the beautiful scenic routes... all from your device. Be careful, this could become addicting.

8. WatchESPN


If you rely on sports updates to get you through the workday, this app may just be your saving grace. With WatchESPN, you can keep up with all the big games, news and analyses, AND make it look like you're actually just answering emails or something.

9. Houzz

TANAKA Juuyoh (田中十洋) / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: tanaka_juuyoh

If you're always thinking of ways to spice up your home, Houzz is basically a digital scrapbook where you can discover and store all your favorite ideas. You can also research and hire professionals in your area to help you with your ideas so that they can actually become a reality!

10. Little Alchemy


In this game, you basically get a taste of what it's like to be able to create new elements by combining old ones. You start out with four basic ones and start mixing and matching until a whole new library of elements is created. It's actually pretty intriguing.