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The 16 Most Relaxing GIFS You'll See Today

Take a moment to relax. Sort of like the satisfying experience of finding all your entertainment on Amazon Fire TV, the easiest way to watch Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, and more.

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1. Gaze into these calm roses:

2. Find peace with this downpour:

3. Let this wind move you, too:

4. Find your own rainbow:

5. Orange you glad you're this relaxed?

6. Ponder every drop:

7. Let the frustration ease:

8. Let your heart leap:

9. Find comfort in the stars:

10. Sink into this jellyfish's colors:

11. Absorb the leaves' beauty:

12. Let your spirit fly:

13. Stare into the void:

14. But know that everything is how it should be:

15. Go ahead, soak it in:

16. Spin into control:

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