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12 "That Guy" Actors You Know From Every Movie Ever Made

Brace yourself: It's time to put some much-needed names to a few famous faces. And when the epiphany hits, queue up any of their many, many movies with voice search that really works on your all-new Amazon Fire TV.

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1. Clifton Collins, Jr.

Everett / Pacific Rim (Warner Bros.) / Crank: High Voltage (Lionsgate) / The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day (Apparition)

What, who?: A chameleon-esque character actor with close to 100 acting credits, big and small, across film, TV, and video games.

What do I know him from?: As the brainy technician in Pacific Rim, ex-con Perry Smith in Capote, and a golden-gun-wielding gangster in Crank 2: High Voltage.

2. Richard Jenkins

Everett / ACOD (Paramount) / Killing Them Softly (The Weinstein Company) / Eat, Pray, Love (Columbia Pictures)

What, who?: A seasoned vet of both the big and small screen, with 104 acting credits — and an Academy Award nomination — under his belt.

What do I know him from?: As one of the quirky senior techs in Cabin in the Woods, Dale's dad in Step Brothers, and the FBI director in The Kingdom.

3. Stephen Tobolowsky

Everett / Single White Female (Columbia Pictures) / Groundhog Day (Columbia Pictures) / Deadwood (HBO)

What, who?: The hardest working showbiz star you've almost heard of, with 226 IMDb credits to his name.

What do I know him from?: As the dude Bill Murray punched in Groundhog Day, Commissioner Hugo Jarry in Deadwood, and Sammy Jankis in Memento.

4. Brendan Gleeson

Everett / The Raven (Relativity Media) / Green Zone (Universal) / Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Warner Bros.)

What, who?: A towering Irish actor with 85 wildly diverse acting credits — including four from this year, and two more from 2015.

What do I know him from?: As Mad-Eye Moody in the Harry Potter films, "Monk" McGinn in Gangs of New York, and the ill-fated cabbie in 28 Days Later.

5. William Fichtner

Everett / The Lone Ranger (Disney) / The Dark Knight (Warner Bros.) / The Perfect Storm (Warner Bros.)

What, who?: A steel-eyed character actor who's slowly making steps into the spotlight, currently filming as the sinister Shredder in the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot.

What do I know him from?: The cucumber-cool bank manager from The Dark Knight, Colonel William Sharp in Armageddon, and recurring TV producer Phil Yagoda on Entourage.

6. Margo Martindale

Everett / Paris Je, t'aime (First Look International) / Walk Hard (Columbia) / Secretariat (Disney)

What, who?: A ubiquitous American actor with 88 credits to her name and a smile that can melt a nation's heart.

What do I know her from?: Main character Dewey Cox's mother in Walk Hard, Maggie's mom in Million Dollar Baby, and an enthusiastic American tourist in Paris, je t'aime.

7. J.K. Simmons

Everett / Spider-Man (Columbia) / Extract (Miramax Films) / Burn After Reading (Focus Features)

What, who?: You can probably recognize his blustery voice from a mile away, but J.K. Simmons has steadily stolen scenes on and off the silver screen for the last 27 years.

What do I know him from?: As Daily Bugle editor J. Jonah Jameson in the original Spider-Man trilogy, Juno's father in Juno, and as Aaron Eckhart's boss in Thank You For Smoking.

8. James Cromwell

Everett / W (Lionsgate) / The Green Mile (Warner Bros.) / The General's Daughter (Paramount Pictures)

What, who?: Regularly dubbed "The King Of 'That Guys,'" lanky James Cromwell towers over Hollywood's titans with 165 acting credits — and counting.

What do I know him from?: As George H. W. Bush in Oliver Stone's W., as the chief of the LAPD in L.A. Confidential, and as the loyal chauffeur in the Academy Award-winning The Artist.

9. Xander Berkeley

Everett / Universal Soldier: The Return (TriStar) / Apollo 13 (Universal) / Gattaca (Columbia)

What, who?: One of the unsung kings of '80s action movies, Berkeley somehow snuck into all your favorite films — with 211 IMDb credits under his belt — without even bragging about it.

What do I know him from?: John Connor's foster dad in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, a public affairs official in Apollo 13, and a shady police officer in Kick-Ass.

10. Michael Ironside

Everett / Total Recall (TriStar) / Starship Troopers (TriStar) / Terminator Salvation (Warner Bros.)

What, who?: A dedicated method actor with over 220 acting credits on his impressive resume.

What do I know him from?: Navy pilot Jester in Top Gun, big bad Richter in Total Recall, and Lt. Jean Rasczak in Starship Troopers.

11. Ray Wise

Everett / Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (New Line Cinema) / Good Night and Good Luck (WIP) / Psych (USA)

What, who?: Known for his turn on David Lynch's Twin Peaks, Wise has remained a film industry mainstay, with 198 credits — 15 of which are from this year alone — to his name.

What do I know him from?: The U.S. Secretary of State in X-Men: First Class, a mouthy gangster in the original RoboCop, and, of course, as Leland Palmer in Twin Peaks.

12. Bruce Davison

Everett / Saving Lincoln (Saving Lincoln LLC) / Runaway Jury (20th Century Fox) / The Baby-Sitters Club (Columbia)

What, who?: An everyman actor with 203 acting roles — and two original feature films — on his expansive resume.

What do I know him from?: As the anti-mutant Senator Kelly in the X-Men films, Dr. Douglas Brooks in Lost, and the titular George Henderson in Harry and the Hendersons TV spin-off.

Now that you know their names, all it takes to instantaneously stream one of their movies is to talk to your Amazon Fire TV.

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