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A Love Letter To Pushing Buttons

We love buttons. They're everywhere, and they're super fun to push. Hey, you know what would be cool? A button you could press that would like...have your favorite stuff delivered right to your door. OH WAIT, THEY HAVE THAT NOW — IT'S CALLED THE AMAZON DASH BUTTON. All the more reason to love buttons!

1. The teeny-weeny little button guys on plastic to-go lids.

2. Video game buttons!

3. Awwww yeah, the classic hand dryer button.

4. Elevator buttons of all kinds.

5. The automatic door button.

6. Bubble wrap.

7. The TV remote control power button.

8. The volume-down button on your keyboard when you accidentally unplug your headphones at work, and you freak out.

9. The pedestrian crossing button.

10. Those newfangled car ignition buttons.

11. The air conditioning button.

12. Gas pump octane selection buttons.

13. The freshness seal.

14. The big red button of your dreams.

15. The ol' stop/eject button on cassette decks.

Hey guess what? There's a NEW BUTTON in town, and it's called the Amazon Dash Button! Press that puppy once, and your favorite stuff gets delivered to your door before you know it. Simple as that. It's...probably the most satisfying button to EVER EXIST.