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13 Disasters New Parents Can Fix With The Push Of A Button

Being a new parent means experiencing some unpleasant things. But the future is here. You can literally just press an Amazon Dash Button and bail yourself out. Stick one anywhere, and with a simple press, you'll have what you need before you know it. And that's pretty neat.

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1. When the baby decides to miss the diaper entirely. / Via

"Haha, that's cool, no, this shirt was too clean anyway! Thanks!!!"

*Button press* Detergent.

*Button press* Detergent.

*Button press* Detergent.

Definitely can't have too much detergent.

3. When you just sit there and accept that it'll be another year or two before your baby figures out that most of the food should go inside her mouth.

Courtesy of WWE / Via

Until that day comes, press the button. Press it, and receive some nice paper towels to clean up your mess of a baby. Just kidding, your baby is great!

6. When you're at work, and the realization that your life is now forever changed suddenly catches up with you.

Courtesy of CCTV America / Via

You need to slam that dang candle button you stuck on the wall at home and re-introduce some Zen into your life in the form of aromatherapy candles, stat.

8. When your TV remote dies, and you silently mourn its passing while your baby cries in your arms because you woke her up to get up to change the channel.

Courtesy of Interscope Communications / Via

RIP, friend. But this shall not be the end of you, for you shall be resurrected through the power of button technology.

9. When you're almost out of coffee and try to function like a normal human being. / Via

Don't hammer your walls aimlessly until you've pressed that friggin' button and had your morning coffee delivered to your friggin' door.

Sorry for swearing.

13. When you're finally ready to make some sex again, but not another baby. / Via

Pal, you press that button and the condoms will be there quicker than you can say "Sexy sex man needs himself a condom, son." Only in this case you don't want another son. That would defeat the purpose of the condoms.

Anyway, good for you.