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13 Signs You Live For The Deal

It's better than chocolate. And if you love a good deal, Prime Day on July 12 is going to feel like being a kid in a candy store!

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1. You know every store's return policy with a lawyer-like precision.

Fine print, schmine print. You know it ALL.

Fine print, schmine print. You know it ALL.

2. These are like crack to you:

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3. You live for the moment when all the discounts get added to your total.

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4. You bought brown tomatoes once just because they were on sale. (You don't even like tomatoes...)

Courtesy of Johanna Sarriot

A deal is a deal is a deal.

5. Your wallet looks like this:

Stefan Jansson / Getty Images / Via 167847180

6. Not to mention your keychain:

You can't have too many rewards cards. You can't.
Courtesy of It's Just Life / Via

You can't have too many rewards cards. You can't.

7. At one point or another you've bought something off an infomercial.

As Seen On TV / Via

And you did it unironically.

8. You paid full price for something once, and it still haunts you.

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9. You are the only person on Earth who actually looks at their spam mail.


Because that's how you find the secret deals!

10. You feel like a baller every time you use your cashback credit card.

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That's FREE MONEY, yo.

11. You've actually camped out for a deal before.

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12. You train for Black Friday as if it were a professional sport. / Via

At this point, you're pretty much a gold medalist.

13. You're great at charming customer service agents.

Your wish is their command.
David Strydom / Getty Images

Your wish is their command.

DEALS ARE EVERYTHING. There is nothing more wonderful than a deal. Except maybe many deals at once, like Prime Day on July 12!