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13 Signs You Live For The Deal

It's better than chocolate. And if you love a good deal, Prime Day on July 12 is going to feel like being a kid in a candy store!

1. You know every store's return policy with a lawyer-like precision.

2. These are like crack to you:

3. You live for the moment when all the discounts get added to your total.

4. You bought brown tomatoes once just because they were on sale. (You don't even like tomatoes...)

5. Your wallet looks like this:

6. Not to mention your keychain:

7. At one point or another you've bought something off an infomercial.

8. You paid full price for something once, and it still haunts you.

9. You are the only person on Earth who actually looks at their spam mail.

10. You feel like a baller every time you use your cashback credit card.

11. You've actually camped out for a deal before.

12. You train for Black Friday as if it were a professional sport.

13. You're great at charming customer service agents.

DEALS ARE EVERYTHING. There is nothing more wonderful than a deal. Except maybe many deals at once, like Prime Day on July 12!