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Pet Prime Day Deals Both You And Your Pets Will Be Grateful You Bought

Check out a few affordable life-changing Prime Day finds for your furry bestie.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. 40% off an embark dog DNA test so you can stop guessing and get the deets on their ancestry. There are breed specific health problems that every owner should be aware of and this will help you with all that information and much more.

DNA test box and results on phone

2. 18% off of pet grooming gloves that will make the cleaning process easy and enjoyable for the both of you. Many reviewers say their cats give these mittens their purr of approval!

Blue rubber comb pet grooming gloves in black on white background

3. 30% off a Furbo dog camera so you can head to your 9-to-5 in peace knowing your pet will be under your supervision the entire time even from miles away. You can choose how frequently treats are dispensed, speak to them, record videos, take pictures, receive notifications when they make noise, and when the device detects movement.

Furbo camera ejecting a treat while owner watches dog from cell phone

4. Up to 32% off disposable doggie bags so you can continue to be a considerate neighbor and an amazing pet parent. These 60 rolls will make sure you're never caught on a long walk without being completely prepared.

5. 14% off a heavy rope that will make sure you never have to tug the leash or keep such a tight grip on your pup. The material will slow them down a bit and keep your hands comfortable without slipping even if they pick up some speed.

Green and black leash on white background

6. 33% off an enclosed litter box that is stylish, minimizes odor, and makes cleaning up your pet's poop kind of, dare we say it, fun?

Cat in litter box on floor in home

7. 28% off a car backseat protector so you won't have to spend more time cleaning the interior than you spend in the driver's seat. This hammock is liquid-proof, scratch-resistant, and has a non-slip bottom.

Dog on seat protector in back of car

8. 26% off a pet raincoat, because if you need protection from inclement weather, then so do they! They'll appreciate this fashion forward gift and they'll pay it forward by not shaking off rain and mud on your clean floors.

Dog in raincoat on white background

9. Up to 53% off a cactus scratcher so your cat can keep their claws off your couch. This faux plant nearly doubles as decor and will help them get the most satisfying stretch.

Cat scratching on cactus toy

10. 24% off a pet carrier backpack that is perfect for when you aren't done hiking but your pet definitely is. Place them in this sturdy backpack and go the scenic route so they can enjoy the view.

Dog in backpack

11. Up to 30% off a dog tuxedo suit and bandana set so you can make your actual best friend your best man or maid of honor.

Small dog in black and white tuxedo on white background

12. Up to 35% off washable nonslip potty training pads, because disposables are expensive and these will cut down on costs.

Reusable pee pads on white background

13. 47% off an 11-piece low-noise wireless clipper set for pets that'll help you give them a five-star salon quality treatment at home.

11-piece pet clipper kit on white background

14. 17% off an interactive laser cat toy that will keep your cat entertained and give them a lot of exercise. It's rechargeable and can be used indoor or outdoors.

Laser light cat toy and box on white background

15. 43% off an elevated dog bowl so your dog can enjoy their meal in the most comfortable position for them. It has three different height settings so it can grow just as fast or slow as your puppy does.

Elevated dog bowls on white background

16. 20% off a dog backpack you can clip to their leash. It will fit all of their snacks, food, water, toys, and anything else they might need while you two are out on your daily adventures.

Dog with hiking backpack clipped to it's body

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