15 Types Of Internet Commenters

Which one are you?

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1. The Witty Commenter

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Description: Although can be sometimes cocky, can always get a chuckle or two from you.

Favorite Comment To Use: It's always something funny that you wish you'd thought of.

2. The Backstory

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Description: Always has a story to tell because their life is SOOOO interesting! There is not a single thing this person forgets.

Favorite Comment To Use: "I can relate to this completely. When I was in high school, the same thing happened to me! Well it was the same except for when my friend…"

3. The Texter


Description: This person only uses text lingo. Sometimes to the point where it's hardly legible and/or sensible speak.

Favorite Comment To Use: "Omg @sarahbunny123 sooo funny! #amazing."

4. The Negative Commenter


Description: Never likes any article, anyone, or anything. We aren't really sure why they're even here.

Favorite Comment To Use: A combination of things such as "ugh, losing faith in humanity.." and "Really BuzzFeed?"

5. The Know-It-All

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Description: God forbid an article says that a certain actress was born on a full moon, because you will surely find a comment from this person, making sure everyone knows that the moon phase was a waning gibbous. Don't worry about learning more, because they won't forget to add a paragraph explaining the history behind it.

Favorite Comment To Use: "I couldn't help but notice… #14 says (blank). It's actually (blank). In 1943, in Munich, Germany…"

6. The ~Fangirl~


Description: This person doesn't comment (or even read) many posts. But, when they do, they make sure everyone, sees it. They spend most of their time obsessing over their favorite people on tumblr, so when they see a post about their fandom, you can be sure they go all out.

Favorite Comment To Use: "omg benedict cumberbatch is so cute omg i cant even… i literally cannot wait for sherlock to come back asdfghjkl"

7. The Offended Commenter

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Description: Anything the least bit controversial or opinionated will set this firecracker off. Anything.

Favorite Comment To Use: "Really? How could you say (blank) is right when (blank)?! Shame on you."

8. The Grammar Police

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Description: They make sure every commenter and every poster knows that their grammar is pathetic. They are almost as good as the witty commenter, but just aren't there.

Favorite Comment To Use: "*Their, not there."

9. The Argument Starter

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Description: Sometimes they comment something just for the purpose of getting people angry. Most of the time, they just make sure they reply to your comment in the most aggravating manner possible. And trust me, they'll reply. (Because arguing is way better than enjoying the article.)

Favorite Comment To Use: Ranges from "Wow, aren't you fun at parties.." to "Suure. It's cute you tried."

10. Little Miss Sunshine


Description: Although uncommon, this person's comments always make the post seem 10x better (Even if their comments are on the verge of annoying).

Favorite Comment To Use: "Loooove this! Too accurate! :D"

11. Not The Brightest Commenter

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Description: Usually means well, but doesn't always do well. If they try to insult or say anything negative, rest assured, the rest of the witty commenters will be on top of it.

Favorite Comment To Use: It depends on the article, but usually states a face confidently…that turns out to be completely and utterly wrong.

12. The Sass Master

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Description: When the sass master types up a comment, you better believe it's an opinion that's put right out there. Don't agree with it? Good luck winning that battle.

Favorite Comment To Use: "Oh my god. Love. THIS. Yaaaas!"

13. The Troll


Description: Like the argument starter, this person's main goal is to aggravate. Unlike the argument starter, however, they never finish their battles. They're more of the watch-the-world-burn type of commenter. Most of their comments are replies, which really gets the fire started.

Favorite Comment To Use: Either "Ur so stupid…srsly go kill yourself." or simply "TROLOLOL…"

14. The Spammer

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Description: Come on guys. By now, you should know how to point out a fake account. But if not, you're lucky you stumbled upon this article. These are fake accounts which post fake advertisements under the most popular comments. No one likes a spammer. No one.

Favorite Comment To Use: "I lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks using ActiFast! Doctors hate this brand new discovery! Buy it NOW for only $5.00 A BOTTLE! Go to this link NOW! (insert virus here)"

15. The Reader


Description: A majority of the people who read the comments…don't actually comment. Just read. Sometimes, that can be a very, very, very good thing.

Favorite Comment To Use: ...

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