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    People Are Sharing Things That Are A Total Waste Of Money, So Put Your Wallets Away For This One

    The more you know.

    Reddit user, u/Candid-Equipment-923 asked, "What do you consider a big waste of money?" and honestly, it's left me thinking about my own purchases that just didn't need to happen.

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    Here's what they shared:

    1. Cable

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    "Some couple of years ago, it was cheaper to bundle internet and TV. Now if you unbundle and only want to keep the internet, it’s twice as much as it was before. $70 for internet?! Or bundle and pay $115 for TV and internet." 


    2. "Internet service providers that still don't offer unlimited data plans."


    3. Health insurance

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    "Pay tens of thousands of dollars a year for 'coverage,' then when you actually need medical care, you find out it wasn't covered for some bullshit reason and you've gotta come up with $6k on your own." 


    4. Name-brand allergy meds


    5. Funerals

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    "Going into debt over a dead person is probably not the legacy they would’ve wanted."


    6. Cigarettes

    7. Baby toys

    "You spend hundreds on certain flashy, expensive gifts that just sit unused in the corner, and then they play with that knick-knack you picked up from the dollar store all the time." 


    8. Laundromats

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    "Cost me $13.50 to wash three loads of laundry this morning." 


    9. Monthly subscription boxes

    "Sure, you may get one thing you like, but you are stuck with a lot of other stuff you couldn’t care less about. Why not go and just get that one thing you may like yourself? I get that a lot of the time, it’s things you wouldn’t normally know about or think to get, but still. You probably didn’t know it existed before, so you probably didn’t need it in the first place."


    10. "90% of what the car dealership tries to upsell you on."

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    "VIN etching. Seat/paint protection. Nitrogen-filled tires (helps with tire pressure when temperatures change, but they try to convince you that it gives you better mileage). Extended warranties. All of it is just a money grab and adds nothing to the value or functionality/safety of the vehicle." 


    11. Video game microtransactions

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    12. NFTs


    13. Weddings

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    "There is so much price gouging. If you plan an event of the same size and call it a 'party,' it costs half as much."


    14. Food delivery from third-party apps

    "Not only is takeout already expensive, you are paying a 10–20% upcharge on the menu, then there's the fees and tip." 


    15. Branded clothing

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    "Buy high quality if you can afford to, but I don’t think most high-end brands are worth the asking price."


    16. Diamonds

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    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    What else do you think is a complete waste of money? Let us know in the comments below!

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