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    People Are Sharing The Most Surprising Things About Sex They Learned After Losing Their Virginity, And It’s Honestly Very Interesting

    Let's talk about sex baby.

    Sex can be a very confusing and awkward experience for many people. Recently, Reddit user u/Shanstarjayne asked, "What surprised you the most about sex when you lost your virginity?"

    And honestly, their responses are pretty important:

    1. "There are always jokes that guys only last 30 seconds the first time, so I was very surprised to see myself last about 45 seconds."

    2. "That it didn't hurt and wasn't awkward. I'd heard so much about how terrible the first time would be that I was surprised that it wasn't."


    3. "I couldn’t get my goddamn wiener in. I’m not saying I’m some giant penile dude. She was nervous about much foreplay and we were using condoms. I had like three first times because we had a few non-starts. In hindsight, more foreplay and maybe some lube would have been invaluable."

    4. "First was how fast/hard the girl wanted me to do it. She was more experienced, but my impression was that it should be slow and delicate and then ramp up. That was not the case, however, she wanted it like bang bang bang right away. And then I didn’t come because I was pretty nervous."

    "I found out through more experience that being nervous and not coming was common for me with new or casual partners, but I have no issue completing the task once I’m more comfortable being intimate with the person."


    5. "Nothing changed about me, though I felt super guilty afterward. Kinda like how on your birthday, you're a year older but you don't feel any different."

    6. "How much it hurts if you don't know what you're doing."


    "And how much it hurts if you haven't done enough foreplay."


    7. "Positive: sex is fun and feels good. Negative: urinary tract infections."

    8. "Kissing is actually better than I expected. Also, the smells are not something I expected."


    9. "The sounds that happen. Like the mac and cheese kind of noises, among others, I didn't know were a thing and I didn't expect to like them so much."

    10. "How far down the vagina was."


    11. "How wet everything is."

    12. "I always thought a girl was meant to bleed after the first time, but I never did and it shocked me. I just kept waiting for it to happen."


    13. "A big dick DOES NOT mean 'good sex.' It can actually be very very painful. I didn’t realize how much I’d bleed when I lost my virginity. Thought I needed to go to a hospital."

    14. "Maybe TMI but the thing that surprised me the most was that after the guy finishes in you, it drips back out of you afterward. I had never thought about it before or the cleanup needed."


    15. "I thought I’d be better at it. Ended up looking like a dead fish."

    16. "That my body didn't move the way I wanted it to. Also, that I should probably work out more."


    17. "How terrified I was afterward. All I could think was 'please, please don’t let her be pregnant.' We used protection, but what if it failed? And how much shame I felt. I knew that I shouldn’t have, not because it was a sin or wrong, but because I was so terrified it probably meant it was a bad risk to take."

    18. And finally, "How much closer it can bring you with someone you love. I thought that we were pretty close beforehand, but afterward, it was like we knew each other on a deeper level. Every look, touch, and kiss was suddenly just much more meaningful, and not just in a sexual way."


    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    What did you learn after your first time? Let us know in the comments below.