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Student Workers, Tell Us About The Wildest Things That's Happened To You While On Campus

Let's be honest: college campuses could not run without student employees.

College can be pretty expensive and there are many ways to get by, including working on campus. But sometimes, the job just isn't worth it all. So I want to know from you: what was the wildest thing you've had to deal with while working on campus?

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Maybe you were a desk assistant and had a student projectile vomit on you after coming back to the dorm from a party.

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Perhaps you were a TA and you got into a physical fight with a student in your class because they didn't like the grade you gave them.

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Or maybe you worked in the library and caught students having sex in the stacks.

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Whether you currently work on campus or you've graduated, I want to hear your wild stories about being a student employee. Drop them in the comments below or use this anonymous form.

Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!