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Sofia Carson Is Defending The Netflix Movie "Purple Hearts" Despite The Backlash Against It

"I hope that people understand that in order for characters to grow, they need to be flawed in the beginning."

Sofia Carson is defending her new movie Purple Hearts despite the backlash it's been receiving.

Sofia Carson

She stars as Cassie, a singer-songwriter who marries Luke, a Marine, to get healthcare benefits after being diagnosed with diabetes.

Sofia Carson as Cassie in Purple Hearts

The movie came out on Netflix two weeks ago and it's since received a lot of backlash.

wait there’s a netflix “rom com” about a type one diabetic who can’t afford her insulin so she marrys a man in the military for his health insurance benefits 😭😭 baby that’s a horror movie omg

Twitter: @dregrooovy

People have complained that the movie was racist, promoting anti-Arab sentiments, and it was just military propaganda.

@FilmUpdates @SofiaCarson @nickgalitzine Purple hearts is us military propaganda that uses the invasion & deaths of 1.2 million iraqis as a romcom Not to mention him defending his racist friend & telling her to sit down & stop it when she called him out after he was cheering with ”hunting down some goddamm Arabs” 🤌🏻

Netflix / Via Twitter: @Hibou2799

i don't get the hype in the movie "purple hearts." clearly a straight up military propaganda + the blatant racism in it. a latina changing her beliefs just to be with a white military racist guy. enemies to lovers only work in books.

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Sofia said, "Why I fell in love with the movie is that it’s a love story but it’s so much more than that. It’s two hearts, one red, one blue, two worlds apart, who are really raised to hate each other."

Sofia Carson, Nicholas Galitzine

"Through the power of love, they learn to lead with empathy and compassion and love each other and turn into this beautiful shade of purple."

Sofia Carson, Nicholas Galitzine

Purple Hearts director, Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum, admitted that she understands the backlash but pushed back and said, "I hope that people understand that in order for characters to grow, they need to be flawed in the beginning."

Sofia Carson, Nicholas Galitzine, director Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum

"They both have been neglected by the system; he’s hurt in a war that doesn’t seem to be ending and she’s slipping through the cracks of the healthcare system."

Sofia Carson, director Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum

She added, "So they’re both neglected by the system, and then they live under one roof, and in these extreme circumstances, they learn to become more moderate and to listen to each other and to love."

Sofia Carson, Debbie Fan, Nicholas Galitzine

But despite the movie's criticism, it's been watched for over 100 million hours and it's currently one of Netflix's most-watched movies.

You can watch the trailer for the movie here.

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