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    People Are Sharing Things They Instantly Judge Others For, And You Better Hope You Don't Do Any Of These

    If you do any of these things, it's time to reevaluate yourself.

    Recently, Reddit user u/charlieh331 asked, "What do you instantly judge someone for?" and to be honest, it's hard to disagree with these answers.

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    Here's what people shared:

    1. "Littering."

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    2. "'I’m an alpha!'"

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    3. "Walking around the store with their phone on speaker."


    4. "Standing in the middle of aisles or doors, etc., and not paying attention to anyone else coming or needing to get through. Extra bonus scorn if you actually take a tone or give a dirty look when someone dares say 'excuse me.'"


    5. "When the first thing they do when they meet me is bad-talk others. Probably to make me think they are great and it's the other people that are the problem."

    6. "Snapping their fingers at people."

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    7. "The way they talk about or treat wait staff, disabled people, babies, and animals."


    8. "When you make your political stance your entire personality."


    9. "I have to say chewing with their mouth open."

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    10. "Not returning a grocery cart to the appropriate spot."

    11. "People that say they have OCD when in reality they don’t."


    12. "I judge people for displaying the Confederate flag."


    13. "Not washing your hands after the restroom. Public or not, that’s just disgusting to me."


    14. "Parking on spots reserved for people with disabilities without having the permit."

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    15. "Not using their turning signal."


    16. "Being involved in an MLM."


    17. "The second somebody tries using something like astrology to explain away their shitty behavior."

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    18. "Driving fast through residential neighborhoods."

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    19. "Anyone who is quick to anger or quick to resort to violence."


    20. And finally, "Being a flat-Earther."


    Note: Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    What are some other things people deserve to be instantly judged for? Sound off in the comments!