My Stomach Hurts From Laughing At These People Selling Mirrors Online, And Yours Will Too

    Mirror, mirror on the wall.

    1. Can I have the dog instead?

    2. This belongs in a museum.

    3. Even the dog is a little confused.

    4. Guess I need to up my selfie game.

    5. Does the cat come with the mirror?

    6. Get you a squad that'll help you sell things online.

    7. Selling mirrors is a two-person job, people.

    8. It's not broken. It's a statement piece.

    9. I mean, if you're gonna sell a mirror, why not give them a lil' something?

    10. I don't know what's cooler: the mirror or this pose.

    11. It's a curtsy, duh.

    12. Peekaboo!

    13. Why are you in all white? Oh...

    14. I'd buy a mirror from a stuffed bear any day.

    15. We need more ghost selfies, tbh.

    16. It's giving 144p quality.

    17. How did they do it??

    18. Thumbs up for the good work.

    19. It's called being versatile.

    20. It's like looking in a mirror...

    H/T: r/PeopleSellingMirrors and r/Mirrorsforsale.