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    People Are Sharing The Wildest Things They Had To Explain To Someone, And My Jaw Is On The Floor

    I am seriously concerned.

    No one knows everything, but there are many things that should be common knowledge.

    Reddit user u/forthrightchubby recently asked, "What is the most ridiculous thing that you have ever had to explain to somebody?"

    Here are some of the wild examples people had:

    1. "That Black people in Africa are not African American." — u/hassanwaybread

    2. "At the beginning of the pandemic, I worked at a grocery store and...had to explain to two men that [Pedialyte] was not alcohol and you shouldn't wash your hands with it. It took me like five minutes to convince them." — u/basicusernamehere

    3. "My ex-boss thought that King Kong was a true story. I had to patiently explain the truth." — u/RunDNA

    4. "That pizzas aren’t cooked in pizza boxes..."

    5. "When I was 10, I had to explain to my 18-year-old half-brother that he had to have money in a bank account to back up what he wrote on checks. He thought a checkbook was a magical book of free money everyone got when they turned 18." — u/batonuncovered

    6. "I was sitting outside looking at the stars with the person I was dating. The sky was exceptionally clear and dark, and I mentioned how bright the stars were. They replied with 'Yeah, it was super sunny today so they got a good recharge!' Straight face, not an ounce of sarcasm or hint of a joke. I had to explain, to a 40-year-old parent, that stars are similar to our sun and produce their own light. They are not the same as the glow-in-dark star stickers that their child had in their bedroom." — u/TempestWest

    7. "Someone tried to convince me that boats were not invented in the days of the Titanic. Their literal words were, ‘Boats did not exist when the Titanic sank...’" — u/Arge101

    8. "My ex called me one afternoon, clearly in the middle of a panic attack, and told me that her mother had 'deleted Google.' And she wasn't even joking. Her mom was in the living room crying, thinking she had 'ruined the internet for everyone.' So I spent an hour on the phone explaining to the super-hacker the difference between a webpage and a bookmark." — u/nutchannel

    9. "I had to explain to a kid in my Economics class why he couldn't google a picture of a mirror to fix his hair in." — u/PaulaBaker1

    10. "The moon is, in fact, its own thing and not just the other side of the sun." — u/kererude

    11. "A couple of hours ago, a customer came back into my store to slam his receipt in front of me to complain I'd charged him way too much at '£15.36.' It took me three attempts to tell him as kindly as I could that the number he was pointing to on the receipt was the time." — u/Neo-Chromia

    12. "My GF works at an optometrist shop. She once had a lady bring in her glasses because she needed a new prescription. But she thought that it just needed to be refilled with medicine. The lady thought that they had vials of 'medicine' that they pour into the glass and it heals your eyes...not making this up." — u/OuttatimepartIII

    13. "When I was at a check-in desk for a hotel in Mexico, an American woman used the ATM in the lobby to get some cash and was distraught that it didn't dispense 'real money' (it dispensed pesos). She angrily came back to the check-in desk and accused them of 'running a shady operation' and started spewing all sorts of threats. The guy at the desk only spoke conversational business English, so I jumped in. She was absolutely baffled by the concept that the whole world didn't just use US dollars." — u/JoyceGonzalez1

    14. "That women cannot 'hold in' their period. It just doesn’t work like that." — u/smallbrainbighead

    15. "I was on a road trip with some college friends headed to Florida. I made a joke that we should just drive the other way, all the way to Alaska. One of the girls on the trip laughed like I had made a hilarious joke, and when I asked why it was so funny, she said 'Well, Alaska is an island, so we can’t just drive there.' She was 100% serious." — u/clgmae104

    16. "When I was 13, I had to explain gravity to my extremely religious friend who had some conspiracy theorist parents. She genuinely thought it was some major conspiracy NASA made up for some odd reason. I laughed half the time I was explaining the concept of gravity and Newton’s laws because it seemed like a joke at first." — u/aleftistkinkster

    17. "She wanted a Beethoven CD. She did not want 'covers' by other conductors/orchestras. She wanted Beethoven by Beethoven." — u/hopelesscaribou

    Note: Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.