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    "Our National Dish Is Curry": 13 People Are Sharing What Their Countries Should Actually Be Known For Instead Of What They're Stereotyped As

    "People think we live on tea, scones, fish and chips, and roast beef. In reality, our most popular dish is curry."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community what their countries were known for and what they should actually be known for, and here's what they shared:

    1. USA: "Other countries generalize us as loud, rude, overly patriotic idiots. We are a very diverse nation and many of us do not agree with our government or feel patriotic."

    2. Jamaica: "Everyone everywhere gets high or smokes. We're very hard workers and super determined people. We know how to have fun and get through life without drugs. Also, there is a [diverse] mix of people there, including Asian Jamaicans."

    montego bay

    3. Canada: "Not all of us are obsessed with hockey. Last time I watched a full season, it involved the Minnesota North Stars. Now, I only care (slightly) during the Olympics."

    boys playing hockey on a frozen lake

    4. Germany: "Germany is quite diverse, modern, and a liberal country with modern cuisine and progressive young people. Lederhosen, sauerkraut, sausages, and beer are boring and outdated stereotypes."

    friends smiling at a phone

    "Most think of WWII and Hitler. They are usually baffled that we have a thriving Jewish community."


    5. United Kingdom: "We don’t all sound like the Queen when we speak. There are hundreds of different accents and dialects across the country. Also, the UK consists of more than just London."

    Circus Lane taken at sunrise in Edinburgh, Scotland

    "The UK consists of 4 constituent countries, all with their own cultures, not just England."


    6. England: "We pronounce our T’s, it’s just some accents that don't. We don’t live off crumpets and tea. TBH a lot of people don’t like them. It’s not always raining. Sure, it does rain in summer, but it’s usually around 20 degrees."

    Helmsley, Yorkshire, England

    "People think we live on tea, scones, fish and chips, and roast beef. In reality, there are a hundred times more coffee shops than there are tea shops, and our most popular dish is curry. Nobody drinks afternoon tea regularly (afternoon tea is mainly a tourist thing, or maybe something you do once with your grandmother as a special treat). "

    "Also, within walking distance of my house, I have Venezuelan, Nepalese, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, South African, Nigerian, Chinese, Japanese, and Mexican restaurants. I’d have to travel and really look hard if I wanted traditional British food like pie and mash or steak and kidney pudding."


    7. Liverpool, England: "Known primarily for the Beatles and football. Whilst there's plenty of both to sustain you if that's what you're into, you should also check out our amazing music and nightlife, and architecture (we double for early New York a lot in Hollywood movies, and we have not one, but TWO amazing cathedrals) and arts scene."

    Liverpool skyline

    8. Ireland: "Drinking and fighting. Per capita, we are the most generous nation. We are rich in poetry and music and we have ancient structures all over the country that are preserved."

    a stone structure sitting in front of fields of grass with animals grazing on them

    9. India: "Stop propagating us as slum-dwellers, cow-worshippers, and spicy food-eaters. We should be known for our international contributions to counter-terrorism, education, science, technology, medicine, health, and wellness."


    10. China: "Having huge crowds, which is 'bad' because it screws up pictures tourists want to take. The good: People can congregate in huge crowds without fights breaking out. People can also afford to travel within their own country and enjoy themselves. Local people have as much of a right to travel here as a tourist does."

    crowds in shanghai

    What about you? What's a stereotype your country is known for and what should it actually be known for? Let us know in the comments below!

    Responses have been edited for length and clarity.