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    20 Terrible School Lunches That I Can't Believe Were Served To Children

    This is horrifying.

    1. I have many questions regarding those beans.

    2. Who allowed this?

    3. This doesn't even qualify as a snack.

    Its not a pancake. It’s one slice of processed turkey and some carrots. And this was served to the kindergartner babies at MLK in Paterson for lunch. No bread. No knife. This is a week after the city promised to start serving better food.

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    4. Those nuggets do not look appetizing.

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    5. Speaking of nuggets, where's the rest of the lunch?

    6. Watery mac 'n' cheese, yum.

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    7. What even is this?

    #asktommy thoughts on my school lunch last week

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    8. I'm pretty sure cheese shouldn't look like this.

    9. Spotty meat? No thank you.

    A new state of the art school was built in Paterson( Joseph A Taub). They served the students this, apparently two days in a row. We don’t know what the spot is. The student who took the picture was allegedly told to delete the picture or be sent to the principal.

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    10. Can I get a side of sandwich with that mold?

    11. Are skins?

    12. Don't we all love moldy fruit?

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    13. How? HOW?

    14. That looks like a rock covered in sauce.

    lemme run into michelle obama in these streets look what my school lunch is bro

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    15. Is that raw??

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    16. Raw chicken seems to be a theme.

    17. We love mystery meat.

    18. Is this supposed to be chicken?

    19. It can't possibly be healthy to have that much dairy.

    20. And finally, one hearty lunch: a whole potato and one chicken leg.