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Muslims, Tell Us About The First Time You Experienced Islamophobia

Islamophobia is very real and very dangerous.

Islamophobia is a sentiment meant to dehumanize and vilify Muslims but also applies to people who are often mistaken as Muslim, such as Sikhs, non-Muslim Arabs, and people who speak Arabic.

Anti-Muslim rhetoric can come in many forms, from someone using Islamophobic slurs to towns preventing mosques from being built. It's also often perpetuated in media, promoting harmful stereotypes about Muslims and Islam.

As a Muslim myself, I'm always hyperaware of when Islamophobia presents itself. So I want to hear from you: When was the first time you experienced Islamophobia?

Maybe you were wearing a hijab at school and it was forcibly removed, leaving you feeling exposed and violated.

Or perhaps you were just going about your day and were called a terrorist by a neighbor, classmate, or even your teacher.

Or maybe you were at the airport and were subjected to "random" searches or treated as though you were a threat to other passengers.

If you're Muslim or have been mistaken for Muslim by others, I want to hear about the first time you experienced Islamophobia and how it made you feel. Feel free to use the comments below or use this anonymous Google form.