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    BeReal Is Going Viral, So We Created 19 Celeb BeReals That We Personally Think Are 100% Accurate

    Celebs. They're just like us!

    BeReal is a trending social media app where you and your friends share photos of yourselves in real time.

    Designed to take a selfie and frontal photo at the same time, the app will ping at a different time every day, and then everyone has to take a photo within two minutes.

    And you're only able to see what your friends post if you post.

    The memes are already rolling in, so of course we had to make our own:

    Summit Entertainment / Via Twitter: @sallydarr

    1. If Drew Barrymore had a BeReal, she would constantly be showing us the things that bring her joy throughout the day.

    Drew Barrymore smiling at a field of flowers

    2. When she’s not calling out his costars, Doja Cat would probably spend a lot of her free time rewatching all the Stranger Things scenes with Joseph Quinn in them.

    Doja Cat intensely watching Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson

    3. Oh look, it’s Yung Gravy’s new boo. Wait a second, is that…? OMG.

    Yung Gravy smiling at an older woman sitting on a bed

    4. What would a BeReal from Kim Kardashian be if there wasn't a Pete feature?

    Pete Davidson smiling with his tongue out while Kim Kardashian poses on a boat

    5. Attention, Broski Nation! If Brittany Broski had a BeReal, there would be lots of Harry Styles, Austin Butler, and muumuu content.

    Brittany Broski and a Harry Styles photo

    6. Honestly, we have no earthly idea what the hell Beyoncé would post on BeReal since she's so private. But we do know every outfit would be an absolute slay.

    Beyoncé taking a selfie superimposed on a photo of Beyoncé's leg

    7. We’re so happy that Emma Chamberlain started posting YouTube videos again, but we acknowledge that this couldn’t be done without the incredible filming skills of her father!

    Emma Chamberlain looking at her father, who is recording her on a camcorder

    8. Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart have the type of friendship we all should envy, and I want what they have!

    Snoop and Martha together, a backyard patio with a lake and mountains in the distance

    9. Jack Harlow introduced a sweet, sweet, sweet KFC meal and is rumored to have quit music to work a 9–5 job at one of the franchises!

    Jack Harlow with a pile of Jack Harlow KFC meals

    10. Drake the typa guy to Google Rihanna’s relationship status and then say “darn it” when he sees she’s not single.

    Drake with a screenshot of a Google search that says "Is Rihanna single?"

    11. I wonder if Meghan Trainor is enjoying her Spy Kids marathon while sitting on one of her two toilets. Do we think she uses the right one and Daryl uses the left, or vice versa?

    Meghan Trainor smiling at a clip of her husband, Daryl Sabara, as a child actor in Spy Kids

    12. Aww, Kendall's practicing! I mean, we all had to learn how to cut a cucumber at some point — we didn’t just know.

    Kendall Jenner sitting with her chin in her hands, intensely looking at cucumbers on a cutting board

    13. Tom Holland and Zendaya tend to be pretty private when it comes to their relationship, but we all know that if Tom had a BeReal, he would take it as an opportunity to show off his girlfriend.

    Tom Holland in a hoodie, Zendaya posing for a photo

    14. The only difference between Florence Pugh’s BeReal posts and the rest of ours is that she can afford nicer pans.

    Florence Pugh, vegetables cooking in a pan

    15. Nick Cannon is getting a head start on Mother’s Day this year. One down, three to go!

    Nick Cannon, crafts spread across a table that say "Happy Mother's Day"

    16. It wouldn’t be Taylor Swift's BeReal without Meredith content.

    Taylor Swift, a cat lying in a sink

    17. I feel like I’ve seen enough Travis and Kourtney content for a lifetime. But if Kourtney ever downloads BeReal, the Kravis content will never end.

    Kourtney Kardashian, Travis Barker driving

    18. Lea Michele just finished sending Jonathan Groff a "selfie" for "educational purposes." I wonder what that entails.

    Lea Michele smiling as someone turns on a lamp

    19. And finally, Kylie Jenner would probably be hopping off her jet and heading to Target to cosplay as middle class.

    A Kylie Jenner selfie superimposed on a photo of the entrance to a Target store