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    The 25 Best Fashion Moments On "Friends"

    This show feels like a lifetime ago and yet the fashion feels so NOW.

    1. When Chandler challenged Joey's dapper headgear

    2. When everyone wore dresses over T-shirts

    3. When Phoebe made a music video for Smelly Cat

    4. When Ross and Chandler embraced the 80s

    5. When the girls dressed up to stay in

    6. When Joey used fashion for sweet, underwear-less revenge

    7. When Red Ross got into the rugby spirit

    8. When Phoebe showed us her bra

    9. When Monica had to wear this to work

    10. When Ross couldn't find a Santa costume

    11. When Monica COULD find Chandler a bunny costume

    12. When Phoebe learned a big secret in this furry orange coat

    13. When Joey tried to dress like the 19-year-olds do

    14. When everyone wore these sweet graphic tees

    15. When Joey wore ladies' underwear

    16. When Monica thought this was sexy

    17. When Chandler found these cool kicks

    18. When Ross and Joey wore the same shirt


    20. Sometimes it's about the accessories, like when Ross wore these sweet name tags

    21. Or when Monica wore this turkey on her head

    22. When it's about what you're NOT wearing

    23. Let's not forget all the great pants moments, like Joey's Thanksgiving pants

    24. And Ross's paste pants

    25. And of course, Phoebe's maternity pants