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    Norman J Brodeur finds Music in Nature

    Norman J Brodeur a popular singer and renounced musician give a list of sounds of nature which can help young musicians create unique and dynamic music.

    Norman J Brodeur a leading singer and musician in a recent interview talked about the various ways in which music is composed and he considered nature as the prime source of music for him. He believed that the sounds of nature are even older than man and no one can find the quality and sweetness of music than that is present in the nature. He believes that Mother Nature is his prime source of inspiration and most of his compositions and tunes have a hint or an indirect adaptation from nature. In the interview Norman J Brodeur discusses five prime sources from nature which can be used by various musicians in composing songs and tunes as their rhythms always have something new to offer.

    •Birds : Cuckoo bird , is among the most flawless singers found in the nature . The bird has a melody in her voice which is mesmerizing and awakening. Just like Keats, “Skylark” birds have says Norman J Brodeur power to make your soul transcend from present to eternity. If you want to be a successful musician then you must search for the sounds of birds and try to fuse them with modernity and bring a product of their own.

    •Animals : Be it a cat , dog or hyena every animal of every size makes different sounds some are horrifying while other are funny but the job of the musician is to pay close attention to every sound and look at the mood of that sound . Like roaring of a lion is horrifying but for rock music can offer something unique Norman J Brodeur says just like this one should always look for something positive in every sound.

    •Wind : Have you ever felt that the blowing wind is trying to say something to you , have you ever felt that it is calling your name? I am sure you must have experienced this but the main thing is have you ever found it musical if not then you must if you want to create some sensational music. The sound of the wind too varies from one place to another. Like in mountains wind might sound threatening and wind near sea sound soothing. The choice says Norman is yours.

    •Sea Waves : You must have felt while looking at the sea that god knows how deep it would have been and same is with the sound of the sea waves . They are deep and unknown and with wind creates dynamic sounds and evokes a fury , a sea without sound of sea waves will be totally lifeless and useless. So, if you pay attention then you can have multiple sounds from a single sea wave and convert it into your own like a drum sound or a piano tune.

    •Sound of Soul : Well, these are some tunes and sounds which always keeps our mind engaged and helps to keep your spirit full. These sounds are the sounds of our soul which play a sad music when we are sad and dances on every beat when we are happy, like each and every individual is different the same way the sounds of our souls are different and unique.

    It will not be wrong to say that Norman J Brodeur is a keen observer and his love for nature is surely sublime. His insights into the natural music forms and sources is quite revolutionary and we are surely looking forward to what more he can create with his in depth knowledge and love for Mother Nature.

    Music has its roots in Nature.

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