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Enlte To End ‘social Sayapa’

After being unsatisfied by multiple branded food outlets , I share my experience and the amount of inconvenience which is caused due to inaction and how social media and some new launched apps play a vital role in bringing social change to our society .

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Enlte to End ‘social sayapa’

Last weekend, I and my friends decided to go for a small outing and we chose the nearest branded Coffee outlet so that we can grab some coffee and have hearty chats. The moment we entered, we grabbed a chair and sat down to order their classic delicacy, Cappuccino. The coffee was served in no time but to our astonishment the coffee contained a dead cockroach in it! Well, believe me that as the most horrible thing could happen to damp our evening. When called the waiter to make a complaint the waiter put the entire blame on me saying they had nothing to do with it and had no idea from where the cockroach came. We were not given our money back neither was severed with a new one and additionally we had to deal with insanely inhuman and uncourteous attitude of highly reluctant staff.

That day I found myself so helpless and vulnerable. I wanted to sue them but all the voices near me stopped me from doing so, and when my mother said “Beta ye india hai yaha koi kisi ki nhi sunta” (this is India here no one listens to anyone). Really? What if I want to change, what if I want to tell everyone about it and make then save their money and time. I sent it to snapchat, shared through whatsapp but sadly after a few upsurges all it died out and all that was left was ashes of my despair.

All that night I thought about it and wondered how many more people would have been undergone the same experience as I did and to my flabbergast there were millions of them but no one cared! Amidst my search I found a random web page, first I thought to just ignore and keep surfing but the its caption caught my eye “Power to the people” . After reading thoroughly, I became really curious to know more about it as it dealt exactly with what I was looking for, a social platform to speak my heart out against all the mischievous conducts of so called “Branded” outlets without even disclosing my identity and posting it as ‘anonymous’ .

I thought that it was quit revolutionary and empowering way of making the life of a common man more comfortable, safe and full of orchestration and consonance. If used effectively and immensely by masses it can bring a mammoth Power to general public. Most exciting was its unique feature of immediately reporting a lethal incident that took place near me by sharing it with everyone around and asking for help and resolutions to make everyone enlightened and yeah that brings me to the name of the app Enlte. Well no offense but firstly I thought they misspelled enlight but nops ! that’s what it is .

When I jumped to play store to download this amazing android application I was taken aback by the fact that only a few people have downloaded it. It was saddening, surely it was! In a country like India which is highly adapted to all new and unspringing apps weather it is facebook, Whatsapp, snapchat and many other then why not this one ??

It is free, coherent, profound but still had really few downloaders. May be people are not aware about it like myself but I as responsible citizen of my country feel that it is my prime duty to make everyone around me aware about this interesting new venture of technology where you can rate your experience, upload a picture of any recent malfunctioning or you can even upload videos regarding any exploitation you underwent. I personally feel that this app could be a social boom to women safety and children protection as you remain connected to people around you, who care for you and can actually help you out.

I guess it is time when we breakup with all futile and Sisyphean web of social networking and rise above ‘group selfies’ or at least I am done being the ‘Pout Queen’. I think apps like Enlte and others should be highly encouraged as they truly safeguard our social interest and reunite to fearlessly challenge the authorities which intend to exploit its citizens. Apps like this surely holds top notch hopes to reform the society around and proved to me a great help in banishing the ‘social sayapa’ ( social chaos). I think our developers should actually focus more on such apps which are of more social use then those made only for the purpose of entertainment.

-Amarpreet Kaur

Lets unite through social media

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