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    19 Of The Most Magical Photos From This "Harry Potter"-Themed Festival

    Accio plane tickets to Ontario.

    The 2017 Festival of Wizardry was held on October 14 in Blyth, Ontario. Take a look at some of the best photos from the Harry Potter-themed event!

    1. This incredible proposal at the Mirror of Erised:

    2. This witch who finally got her acceptance letter:

    3. This wall where you can become one of the moving portraits:

    4. This Order of the Phoenix duo:

    5. This delicious-looking "Patronus Perogie":

    6. This mirror with a spooky warning:

    7. These insanely-detailed Gilderoy Lockhart and Cornelius Fudge costumes:

    8. This yummy Sorting Hat cupcake:

    9. And this realistic Sorting Hat accessory:

    10. This adorable Hermione and Crookshanks duo:

    11. This Gryffindor who's ready to fly:

    12. This amazing birthday cake:

    13. This convincing Platform 9¾:

    14. This perfect Luna Lovegood cosplay:

    15. This unlikely trio:

    16. This Fantastic Beasts ensemble:

    17. This pair of professors:

    18. These adorable cookies:

    19. And, finally, this magical game of Quidditch:

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