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15 Annoying Things About Being A Canadian Expat

"So, where in America are you from?"

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5. "So, where in America are you from?"

Look, I love Americans. I absolutely adore them!

...but do you have any idea how irritating it is not to have a unique accent?!

Even Wolverine struggles with this!

6. Once revealing you're Canadian, being unable to stop talking about being Canadian

I will probably tell you about every celebrity, musician and TV show to come out of Canada in chronological order, whilst wearing a tuque. I'll also probably regale you with stories of every single cultural nuance I can think of.

Sorry, it's like word vomit.

10. When you live in a warmer climate and people complain about "winter"

Please, tell me how much this light dusting of snow is affecting your life.

*This one does not apply to Vancouverites. Wimps.

12. The reaction of actual French people when you use your mangled Canadian Franglais

This is way worse if you're Acadian. Have you ever heard Acadian French?!

*Does not apply to actual French speaking Quebecers, for obvious English-hating reasons.

15. And missing Canada, no matter where in the world you are

The world is filled with seriously beautiful places, and as Canadians, we're lucky enough to be able to get out and explore the world with few restrictions.

But we always miss home.

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