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    • amandat20

      I can’t speak for everyone, butIam trying to make it through college while working asaserver. Unfortunately, the student loansIreceive only cover about half of my school costs (thus,Ihave credit card debt on top of my student loans), and the livingImake by beingaserver barely covers my actual living expenses. SoIwork my ass off and give amazing service to the customers that come in, hoping that they will recognize my hard work and compensate me for it. Some do, some don’t. Whatever. After work,Igo home and do homework. The next morningIwake up and go to school for5hours.Ibring my uniform with me so thatIcan go directly from school to work. And the cycle starts all over again.
      AllIknow is that servers are USUALLY in this industry temporarily, and if they’re anything like me, they’re working their asses off. Serving is one of the few jobs that pays above minimum wage (mind you, minimum wage does not cover living expenses) that you can get withoutacollege degree, so it is perfect for college students. If you don’t want to tip me,Iwill probably have to drop out of college becauseIcan’t afford it. ThenIwill become stuck in this industry forever becauseIwill have no other recourse. However, if you have some extra money to spare after you are finished indulging yourself, it would be kind of you to help me pay my college expenses for these4years soIcan get out of this hell hole of an industry. Thank you.

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