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    Why Nail Art Is The Worst

    It's creepy, unnecessary and seriously - it's the worst.

    Normal people cannot do this


    Shouldn't someone with this steady of a hand be a surgeon or something? I can't imagine the lives they could save ... but instead we get to enjoy this floral fingernail pattern.

    Usually, nail art ends up looking like this


    So, you know. That's fun and whimsical!

    It has given birth to the claw trend / Via

    Just look at these suckers. I mean what can you do with these fingernails other than NOTHING? Can she even text message with those nails? Or does she have someone to do that for her? But guys, she needs a bigger canvas to create nail art!

    Humans have thumbs


    Seems like we're losing some function over here.

    Nail art photos are so ridiculous

    What is even happening here?! What is this person holding? Why are their nails so sharp? Is there a purpose to that or ... could she take those on an airplane?

    It's the new 'pale and plump'


    In the good old days, it was a sign of wealth and prosperity to be pale and plump, because it proved that you didn't have to labor in the sunshine and you had enough to eat. Now, we have nail art to prove that we don't have to use our fingers for anything useful - or that delicious nail art would chip!

    A simple, solid color will get you everywhere


    Take it from me. If you don't trust me, take it from Betty.

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