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    What Your American Girl Doll Says About You

    You thought you were just choosing them based on clothes and accessories? Your choice could reveal more about you than you realize.

    If you own Samantha ...


    You’re a privileged young lady whose eyes have been opened, through a series of events, to the way the world around you really works. You are always kind, compassionate, and adventurous. You stand up for your principles, even to your old-fashioned grandmother. You don’t have much regard for rules, which sometimes gets you into trouble.

    If you own Molly ...


    You’re a stubborn girl who always has a dream that you are working toward. Determined not to eat your turnips, and to sleep with your hair in pin curls, you often meet with mishap. But you are a loyal friend and a talented, resourceful person. When presented with a problem, you find a creative solution that nobody else thought of first. You’re a daddy’s girl.

    If you own Felicity ...


    You are an independent and informed thinker. In a day and age with rumors swirling around, you like to know what is really going on. You stand up for your beliefs, even if it makes you unpopular. You are determined to get what you want, through escapades and imaginative plots. Friendship, loyalty, and especially honesty are important to you.

    If you own Addy ...


    You’re a brave and confident girl with lots of hope. “Impossible” is not a word in your vocabulary, and when things look bleak you know how to draw on the tiniest glimmer of possibility to make things come through. You don’t give up, even when you are exhausted and nobody else supports you. You take comfort in the little things remaining the same, like Sweet Potato Pie.

    If you own Kirsten ...


    You’re adaptable. Even when your family has to move to a foreign land and you have to learn a new language and make new friends, you do so with a smile. You set people at ease, urging people like Singing Bird to teach you about her culture as you learn about hers. You are determined to observe tradition, and your family is your number one priority.

    **And then, alas, American Girl started swapping them out and adding a thousand new ones which I am far less familiar with, and nobody my age owns. This includes KAYA, JULIE, KIT, JOSEFINA, and REBECCA. So if you have any of those dolls… well you're a weirdo because you're way too old to be buying American Girl Dolls. Although I am super bummed because Kit is a journalist during the Great Depression, and that frankly feels like my life.**

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