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    Pretty Little Adults

    For the 5-year anniversary of our favorite mystery soap opera mashup of nonsense and guilty pleasure extraordinaire, I present to you a re-imagining of PLL, where the characters have some clout and resources. Because they're adults.


    As we now know, there will be a time jump sometime in the current season of Pretty Little Liars. We assume they will be skipping college and showing up - much like One Tree Hill - as adults with jobs and the victory of having overcome teen angst.

    We have to assume this will only be a good thing for the show, since the main problem with it (yes, of all the many many problems) is that these kids have to deal with a billion adults telling them they're just too young to possibly understand. Which is ridiculous because they're the only ones with all the answers.

    All of their parents are terrible, and every authority figure on the show, with the exception of Ezra Fitz (is he really an authority though) treats them like criminals. So I'd like to re-imagine the show from the get go, with the four liars and their rival/bestie Alison as legal adults right from the start.

    Hear me out.

    Aria Montgomery


    Aria studied art and creative writing, and since she has a unique way of looking at the world she's an excellent detective. She comes to visual conclusions through painting and photography, letting her brain unravel all the craziness in her own special way.

    Spencer Hastings


    Spencer is the Chief Medical Examiner at the Rosewood Police Department, with access to bodies that come in from strange deaths. She is able to diagnose and treat all the weird A-related ailments that befall the girls. Also has access to prescription drugs, so there are some elements of surprise with the high-strung genius and her "habits."

    Hanna Marin


    Hanna owns a chic and sassy boutique in Rosewood, where she has access to the latest fashion and a great front for her boyfriend's slightly less than legal operation. All the who's who of Rosewood come into her store, and she is primed to overhear gossip and speculation from Alison's cliques and enemies.

    Emily Fields


    Emily is a counselor at Rosewood High, helping kids deal with all their issues. Her ability to sense when something is really wrong comes in handy for when her pathological friends are withholding the truth, and makes her the prime secret-keeper for her on-again-off-again girlfriend Alison.

    Toby Cavanaugh


    A sergeant with the Rosewood Police Department, Toby tries to stick to the rules enough that he doesn't get caught giving evidence and information to the crew when they try to take down A. He has resources and deputies under him that make lovely gophers when they need help solving mysteries.

    Caleb Rivers


    World's best boyfriend Caleb Rivers impressed everyone by graduating from MIT. Then he decided not to "go legit" after all and runs a tech operation out of his girlfriend Hanna's store. Clients hire him to bug phones, hack into laptops and spy on their loved ones. Of course, he has the whole town wired.

    Ezra Fitz


    Ezra runs The Brew, where he and Aria write and paint and philosophize. He uses his family connections - and fortune - to help fund surveillance and sting operations for the entire crew. His taste for meticulous research comes in handy more than once.

    Mona Vanderwaal


    Mona is a lawyer, and a slippery one. She can get anyone out of anything - which is lucky because she and her friends find themselves in one too many situations with the law. Her knowledge of every tiny element of the rules makes it easy for the friends to find loopholes.

    Alison DiLaurentis


    Alison is a socialite. With her parents' money and social standing, she organizes charity events and ensures that Rosewood is bullied into attending. Her need for recognition and love drives her to manipulate and lie to everyone.

    Jaimie Trueblood / ABC FAMILY / Via

    Now imagine the rest of the series as usual. INCLUDING (and this is important) the fashion. It's insane anyway, why not just suspend reality for one more thing, and let them dress like that even as taxpayers.

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