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    How To Become A Directoner, Four Years Late

    Suddenly, One Direction don't look like little boys fit only for 14-year-old fans. They're grown up, and they're hot, and they're funny and their voices are like angels. Their songs are brilliant for blasting with the windows down. So what's stopping you from becoming a Directioner? Late to the party? Here's how to catch up quick, get the One Direction Infection and be ready for the boys' Where We Are tour this summer.

    Listen to "Midnight Memories"


    You've all heard "Story of My Life" on the radio, and probably "Best Song Ever" as well. Obviously you know "What Makes You Beautiful" - the song that really put them on the map. But if you're going to get to know them, start with the music. "Midnight Memories" is a pop album infused with rock and roll mischief and it's a great summer soundtrack.

    Spend Quality Time With Their Music Videos


    Simply watching is not enough. You must engage! View each video five times, focusing on one member per watch. What is Louis doing with is shirt? Why does Zayn keep pulling such cute faces? How does Harry manage to make you burst out laughing in each video? Someone explain Liam's smoulder! HOW CAN NIALL JUMP SO HIGH?

    Watch "This Is Us"


    The film is expertly shot and edited by Hollywood favorite Morgan Spurlock. You get a view of the boys that is glamorous but still feels personal. You'll get to see some goofy moments, plus a view of 1D on stage that is a million times more superior than iPhone footage.

    Learn Their Nicknames


    Nialler, Hazzah, DJ Malik, Leeyum, Boobear, Payno, Harreh, Bradford Bad Boi, Daddy Direction ... use these interchangably with their actual names and throw them out all casual-like as if you're besties with the boys.

    Stay Up Late Watching Video Diaries


    To truly understand the best and oldest One Direction inside jokes (pictured here: Kevin the pigeon), you have to watch their video diaries. Begin with their X Factor diaries on "the stairs" (said so fondly your eyes glisten with tears), then move forward to the diaries they made on their first tour. You'll laugh. You'll laugh a LOT. Louis especially is very cheeky.

    Know Their Sphere of Influence: The Girls


    Buy Lou Teasdale's new book "The Craft," follow her on Instagram and enjoy her wacky style - it's important to understand her love of Mermaid Hair. (And secretly hope she gives Niall pastel tips in the near future.) Follow namelessgem on Tumblr and be convinced you are the same person because you both enjoy kittens and tea. Start to stalk Eleanor and Sophia but then feel bad about it because they don't seem to want the attention. Give it to them anyway. Find out the names of Zayn's sisters. But leave them in peace out of respect.

    Read Where "We Are: Our Band, Our Story"


    The book was written by the band - each boy weighing in on stardom, being on the road and how much their lives have changed since their fateful X Factor auditions four years ago.

    Begin To Describe Everything With Ridiculous Words








    Listen to Little Mix and 5SOS In Between 1D Songs


    Realize the only way you're going to get on with 1D is if you respect their musical friends. Zayn's fiance's girl-power pop band Little Mix rocks and 5 Seconds of Summer will open for the boys this summer on their stadium tour, so it makes sense to get ready to sing along.

    Realize Their Tour Is Sold Out


    Check online to see how much you'll have to pay for re-sale tickets.


    Buy them anyway.

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