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    This great nineties club needs a reboot.

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    When I was a kid, I didn’t read books. I devoured them. I would read them so fast the pages would be fatigued from the flipping. My reading logs in elementary school were pretentious un-staple-able stacks of sheets upon sheets of paper. But my embarrassing obsession with The Baby-Sitters Club prevailed. I read those books over and over, and since Ann M. Martin never ran out of hilarious babysitting antics to tell about the girls {complete with mysteries and even Super Specials!}, I had hundreds of options. Then my sophomore of college we re-discovered the movie.

    Anyway, the acting in that movie was probably the worst of all time, and the source material was so much better. It deserves more! And I’ve always wanted to know what happened to the originals – Kristy, Mary Anne, Stacey, Claudia and Dawn – later in life!. {Who cares about Jessi and Mallory? And then there was Abby at one point, and associate members like Logan and Shannon — no.} And so I will be penning the script for the Baby-Sitters Club Reunion.

    First, the cast. Where are they now?! I want to give these guys a chance to redeem themselves for the original 1995 version.


    Kristy is one of those hard-nosed sports people. She works for the New York Knicks. Doing sports stuff. Ball-busting.

    Mary Anne

    Mary Anne married Logan, (who in this version will be played by someone cute but slightly forgettable) and teaches second grade at a private school. (Logan is an accountant. That sounds like him I feel. Dependable.)


    Stacey is a fashion buyer at Bloomingdales and married to (who else?!) Sam Thomas, Kristy’s older brother!! Sam, after being a goof-off (and flirting with Stacey) his whole life, ended up buckling down and now owns tons of New York real estate.


    (Lucy Liu did not play the original Claudia, but the girl who did was honestly such a bad actor it just wouldn't be right to invite her back.) Claudia runs an art gallery in Greenwich Village, where she showcases her own art and also teaches art classes to children.


    Dawn is a journalist at the New York Times. She champions causes, fights for the little guy and still eats very healthily.

    It's basically Sex and the City you can watch with your mom. It still has that innocent charm of the Stonybrook gang. It will revolve around their interesting lives, as they flit about in great shoes to their glamorous jobs and great lunches with each other. And then … Kristy will have another great idea.

    I'm not sure what it's going to be yet, exactly. Or if this is a movie or a TV show, but I can totally see it going somewhere. I'm going to give Ann M. Martin a call and see if she wants to throw some script ideas into the ring.

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