Amanda is a writer and pop culture fanatic who studied journalism at BYU. She's written for Entertainment Weekly, Deseret News, KSL and many blogs, sites and papers. Currently writing at the U and running Apple Juice Productions. On Twitter @a...
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  • Pretty Little Adults

    For the 5-year anniversary of our favorite mystery soap opera mashup of nonsense and guilty pleasure extraordinaire, I present to you a re-imagining of PLL, where the characters have some clout and resources. Because they’re adults.

  • The Five Stages Of Writing A Wedding Toast

    It being “wedding season,” it’s going to happen to you. Eventually, your best friend will leave you for that rando she’s decided to stick with till death do them part. And the worst part is that you are required, by societal norms, to be thrilled. She’s in love! You’re alone! And here’s the kicker: you get to celebrate their special day by giving the Maid of Honor speech. What a nightmare. But turning down the opportunity to stand up in front of everyone and impress them with your wit and sensitivity would be worse than the bridesmaid dress she’s making you wear.

  • How To Become A Directoner, Four Years Late

    Suddenly, One Direction don’t look like little boys fit only for 14-year-old fans. They’re grown up, and they’re hot, and they’re funny and their voices are like angels. Their songs are brilliant for blasting with the windows down. So what’s stopping you from becoming a Directioner? Late to the party? Here’s how to catch up quick, get the One Direction Infection and be ready for the boys’ Where We Are tour this summer.

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