Amanda M.
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    • Amanda M.

      On one end of the spectrum there are zealots shoving theology down kids throats, so I guess it only makes sense that at the opposite end of the spectrum there are people shoving atheism down thier kids throats, but I’ll admit this is the first time I’ve seen it.  This article made me embarrassed to be part of the non-believer camp. I hope if your son chooses to believe in a god or gods or whatever that you’ll still be accepting of him and realize that faith or disbelief in terms of spirituality is a personal thing, and you can get him to spout any rhetoric you like, or (in this case, not) go through the motions but you’re unlikely to ever influence that inner voice that speaks to you your own personal truth.

    • Amanda M.

      I eloped 12 years ago, and it was so right for me! I never could see myself walking down an aisle - or handling all the wedding stress/debt. Not that I needed the reminder, but this article really helped me remember the most romantic noment of my life. I’m fairly stoic about expressing strong emotions in mixed company. The intimacy let me say my vows from my heart (and shed a few tears) which would’ve been lost to me in the anxiety of being the focus of all those eyes.

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