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    • amandas120

      This is definitely a two-sided issue. I’ve been a server and gotten shit tips in spite of providing top notch service, and I’ve also been a patron who has had shit service from a waiter who then felt entitled to be tipped. As a patron, it offends me when a tip is auto-added, I’ve already paid for an over-priced meal, I will decide if/what I want to tip, and I will never agree that a percentage is a miminum. I have tipped over 500%, average is 25%, my tip depends on the level of service I receive and how over-priced the meal was. I don’t expect anybody to do handstands, simply be nice, smile, and maybe check on me halfway through, that’s it. On the other side of the coin, I bend over backwards to be understanding of issues, knowing how little of what goes wrong has to do with the server. At the same time, I know many people who are/were servers and treat their servers like garbage under their feet, placing unrealistic expectations and being hyper-critical. The bottom line is that most people do tip for good service, there will always be assholes that do the crap that these receipts depict, just as there will always be servers that don’t deserve to share in tips that were clearly earned by their co-workers given their crap service level.

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