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13 Situations That Will Make Any Picky Eater Feel Personally Attacked

This is definitely NOT the kids menu I asked for.

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1. When you forget to bring your lunch to school and everything looks gross AF.

Monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images

2. When you ask for a kid's menu because of the "smaller portions" but you just want to order some damn chicken tenders without judgement.

Hoozone / Getty Images

3. When you make the mistake of saying you're hungry at a friend's house.

Fstop123 / Getty Images

4. When you gotta make a few adjustments to the menu before you get your perfect dish.

Jacoblund / Getty Images

5. When you tell the waiter exactly what you wanted but it's completely wrong and you're too anxious to say anything. So you tell just lie and say, "It's fine, I'm fine."

Milosjokic / Getty Images

6. When you have to check the menu before you accept a date to make sure you actually like something there.

Stockrocket / Getty Images

7. When you eat the same thing every night because you know what you like and don't mind eating the same meal over and over because it's good AF.

Jakubzak / Getty Images

8. When you are forced to try something you've claimed to hate...but it's actually lowkey really good.

Djedzura / Getty Images

9. When someone makes a good normal dish with an ingredient you FREAKING HATE.

Littlebee80 / Getty Images

10. When you smell food before you eat it to make sure that it doesn't taste bad.

Voyagerix / Getty Images

11. When all of your food is touching and juices/sauces are flowing and mixing into things they shouldn't be flowing and mixing with.

Dmitrimaruta / Getty Images

12. When lunch is catered at work but you are too scared to try it. So, you latch on to the one food that you DO like.

Gilas / Getty Images

13. When all of your friends look at you to decide where to eat because you're the ~picky~ one.

Elnariz / Getty Images

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