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    Katy Perry Shared A Glimpse Of Paris Hilton's Home And I'm Screaming

    I love Paris Hilton as much as Paris Hilton loves Paris Hilton.

    WAKE UP WORLD! 2017 is OFFICIALLY the year of Paris.

    She's the reigning Coachella queen, she invented the selfie, and she's basically just an ICON!

    Over the weekend we were lucky enough to get an exclusive, inside look at the Queen of Coachella Paris Hilton's magnificent home...thanks to Katy Perry.

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    Thank you, Katy.

    Katy Perry starts her Instagram Story off with a shot of some toilet paper on stairs making me think, Wow, okay, whatever Katy.

    But she said, "Well, the night is over, or has it just begun...?" and I was honestly intrigued.

    THEN, I quickly realized that she wasn't just at some rando's house... SHE WAS WITH PARIS FUCKING HILTON. WOW. We got to see her huge AF mansion for her dogs that Paris called their "Land O Happiness."

    WOW, dying.

    Just to prove how HUGE it is, Katy literally STOOD in it (while claiming to live there now? Uh, okay). WOW, let's admire Paris's nice AF dog mansion that's bigger than my whole apartment.

    Also...just for reference, Katy Perry is 5-foot-8 (according to the Google search I just did).

    Luckily, Katy ended up leaving the dog mansion and entered Paris's home... We come to find that Queen Paris has a life-sized cutout of herself because DUH.

    Katy obviously has to stan because DUH. It's Paris Fucking Hilton. BLESS.

    Then, we get a flashback to one of the greatest pop songs, "Stars Are Blind," to which Katy so properly comments "IM SCREAAAMMMING..." DUH, Who wouldn't?

    I hope this means Paris making a comeback because we DESPERATELY need it.

    The last Insta Story we get is Katy admiring a mosaic of Paris Hilton because she is the FUCKING QUEEN.