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    Dear College Grads, Getting A Job Is Easy AF So Stop Complaining

    No experience needed.

    1. CONGRATS YOU JUST GRADUATED! You've got the world figured out!

    2. You're done with school and you're going to land a job ASAP.

    I'm scared to tweet recently. These days it's easier to become a meme than getting a job

    3. You've gained an indescribable amount of knowledge that will DEFINITELY help your job search.

    When u are graduating and u don't even remember what u studied.

    4. And you'll automatically get a job because you have a degree.

    "You should get a degree. It'll open so many doors for you." *gets degree* -

    5. Don't worry, job searching is easy breezy and it doesn't cause anxiety at all.

    When you applied to 40 jobs and an unsaved number calls you

    6. The application process is not even a bit tedious.

    7. Just be yourself and you'll get a callback.

    8. You're going to get a callback from every place you apply to. It just happens.

    9. The best part about job searching is that every job you apply for is going to the job you've always dreamed of.

    10. No experience? No problem! No one really cares about that.

    when you can't get a job because you have no experience but the only way to get experience is to get a job

    11. I mean, really, who cares about experience?

    Donald Trump is a reminder that you should just apply for that job you want even if you don't have experience

    12. Don't fret about your resume. It doesn't have to be perfect, employers just skim over it.

    I've had "assistant couch" on my resume for the past year no wonder I can't land an internship πŸ™ƒ

    13. And the cover letters? Oh man, they're LITERALLY so easy to write and never come off as "trying too hard."

    You ever just not apply for a job, because you didn't feel like writing a cover letter? Lol

    14. You'll totally meet every single requirement of every entry level job.

    ENTRY LEVEL JOB OPENING: Hiring recent college grads REQUIREMENTS: 5 years of experience, 6 Olympic gold medals, and superpowers.

    15. You're going to interview with the greatest and nicest people!

    16. You have so many talents that employers want!

    When they ask you, during a job interview, if you have any special talents which may be of benefit to the company...

    17. If you're 100% honest in an interview you will definitely get hired!

    18. Your top skills obviously will shine through during your interview.

    19. Most of the time, they'll hire you on the spot because you're so great.

    [ job interview ] "Why should we hire you?" me: *pulls out a fidget spinner & keeps it spinning for 48 seconds* "Wow, you start tomorrow"

    20. And you'll get the job because you were the absolutely the most qualified and truthful person they saw.

    When you lie on your resume but still get the job.

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