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    23 Things That Will Make Any Forgetful Person Clench Their Fist And Say, "Damnit"

    I forgot what I was going to write here.

    1. When you're relaxing and realize you have an assignment due at midnight.

    Life as a college student

    2. When you made plans but you did something stupid to make your parents mad at you.

    3. Going through the whole day without realizing it's your best friend's birthday.

    4. Sitting down at home after a long day at work/school and realizing you forgot to pick up that ONE thing before you got home.

    5. Typing up a paper and literally forgetting how to spell the easiest words.

    At some point in the last year, I forgot how to spell "probably" and I spell it 'probabaly" every single time, and then have to correct it.

    6. Walking into a room and not knowing what you are supposed to be doing.

    7. Cooking a meal, only to find that you never picked up that ingredient you were missing.

    Getting home and realizing I forgot a vital ingredient for the casserole I'm supposed to make for dinner tonight.

    8. Going out on date and noticing you left your wallet in a different purse/pair of pants.

    Just realized I left my key card at home in my other purse. *sigh* Add that to my cut thumb & it's gonna be one of…

    9. When you're half way to school/work and realize you forgot something super important at home.

    I knew I was forgetting something while we were driving away from our house. I forgot to put my work shoes on. 😑

    10. Having a conversation with someone and completely forgetting where you were going with it.

    11. Heading out somewhere and realizing you never refilled your gas tank.

    12. Turning off a video game before you saved it at a certain point.

    13. Reading a page in a book only to realize you were just looking at the words and not comprehending them.

    14. Making a lunch for work and leaving it at home.

    When you arrive late to work after tube delays only to realise you left your super amazing home-made lunch on the k…

    15. Inviting someone over to your place before you remembered that it was a complete mess.

    When you invite people over and remember how messy your apartment is

    16. Getting logged out of an account and trying 500 different passwords to get back on.

    17. Meeting someone and instantly forgetting what their name was.

    18. Or worst, having someone strike up a conversation with you and you have no idea what their name is.

    19. Leaving any sort of party without saying bye to your grandparents.

    i don't get how people are rude to their family like one time i forgot to say bye to my grandma and i cried about it the whole way home

    20. Waking up from a nap and not knowing what day/time/year it is.

    21. Opening a Snapchat conversation and not remembering what you were talking about.

    if I don't respond to you on snapchat, then there's a 100% chance that you didn't respond right away and I forgot w…

    22. Leaving your cell phone in a restaurant booth because it wasn't in your hand.

    23. Starting a new season of a show and wondering what is going on because you have no idea what happened before.


    Lucky for you, there are so many gadgets that are there to help you remember things...

    ...When you remember you have them.