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26 Animal Posts That Will Honestly Just Make You Feel Good

*cries* bless.

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1. When this kitty got a custom-made flannel.

Most of u know cheddar has medical issues and tears thru his bandages. pet clothes r expensive so I made him a flanā€¦

2. When this pup got a parka that was a lil' too small.


3. When this horse was literally just horsin' around.

Found that video of a horse playing with a squeaking rubber chicken you were all looking for

4. When this dog changed what the sign said.

5. When this cat forgot how to function.

6. When these cute lil' bunnies got some cute lil' backpacks.

i got my bunnies some backpacks šŸ˜­šŸ˜‚šŸ’•

7. When this dog literally couldn't resist taking a bite!

My sister was so happy to eat her burger and then....šŸ˜‚ Make this go viral

8. When these lil' ducks jumped into the water for the first time.

-First jump!! šŸ˜šŸ¦†šŸ¦†šŸ¦†šŸ¦†šŸ¦†šŸ¦†šŸ¦†šŸ¦†šŸ¦†šŸ¦†šŸ¦†šŸ¦†šŸ¦†

9. When this bb crab enjoyed a strawberry.

10. When this cat decided to become one with the music.

11. When this bunny decided to have some fun in the tub!

This is the best video on the internet

12. When this cat looked at its owner.

Instagram: @fluffypiqasso

13. When this pup tried to become a plant.

here is a corgi with a plant on his head

14. When this bird wanted something to sip on.

įµ—Ź°įµƒį¶°įµ Źøįµ’įµ˜ į¶ įµ’Ź³ įµįµ‰įµ‰įµ—į¶¦į¶°įµ Ź·į¶¦įµ—Ź° įµįµ‰

15. When this otter was curious about what was in the otter cup.

*Sigh* Where would we be without Coffee and Otters...

16. When these kittens GRADUATED.


17. When this lil' guy jumped into our hearts.

18. When this doggo wasn't ready for a picture.

"I'm gonna take ur picture" Wait, I'm not rea- [click]

19. When all of these dogs decided to nap together.

There's a dog nap party happening in the park

20. This otter who just loves food so much.

21. When this pigeon just needed a break.

22. When this seal just decided to scream (in a cute way).

when u cant stop screaming but then u make eye contact with the person next to u and see that they too canot stop sā€¦

23. When these dogs became #SquadGoals.

Instagram: @fluffypiqasso

24. When this lil' pig ran towards the camera.

When the hot sign comes on at Krispey Kremes.

25. When this cat just wanted the last slice.

my cat always looks like she just watched you take the last slice of pizza without offering to split it

26. When this pup just wanted to get some good head scratches.

This dog is walking herself up and down the train so everyone can stroke her šŸ˜æšŸ˜æšŸ¶šŸ¶šŸ¶

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