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    9 Of The Most Thrilling Video Game Scores Of Today

    This day and age there are 3 things that make a video game awesome: 1) effects 2) music 3) your ability to win.

    Star Wars: Battlefront - Gordy Haab

    Inspired by John Williams, Gordy Haab creates a remarkable score for the Star Wars video game saga. Unlike most video games, it is not a level based game and therefore is meant to be played for hours on end. To create a score that captivates the Star Wars aura and is able to be heard time and time again requires true talent. He recently teamed up with composers Brian Trifon and Brian Lee White from Finishing Move Inc. to score Halo Wars II!

    ABZU - Austin Wintory

    ABZU is an experimental and magical underwater video game with a score to match. Listening to the music I could feel myself swimming deeper and deeper into an ocean abyss. Wintory uses an eclectic group of instruments from electronic sounds to woodwinds to choral voices to get that under the sea feel.

    Outlast - Samuel LaFlamme

    With a contemporary spin, Samuel LaFlamme creates the suspenseful score that can be found in Outlast. The point of his score is to instill fear in the players, to make them scared. He recreated the human scream with his percussions and a violin which helped create the ultimate scare factor of the score. He is currently working on its sequel which we are excited to play this summer.

    Ghost Recon - Bill Brown

    With a thrilling storyline, Bill Brown had a lot to work with when asked to score Ghost Recon. With the sound of the military march and the bashing of the drums, one is taken into the life of a military man searching for freedom. The daunting synthesizer sounds combined with the imagery of a battlefront, Bill Brown is the glue to it all.

    Mafia 3 - Jesse Harlin and Jim Bonney

    Jesse Harlin takes us back to the sixties with this amazing score for Mafia 3. Bringing in some of the best in the west, and the baddest in the south, recording much of the score down in Nashville Tennessee, Jesse was able to hit home with his amazing composition of experimental cinematic blues.

    Dishonored 2 - Dan Licht

    Winning Best Action/Adventure video game award from the 2016 Game Awards, Dishonored 2 has to have an insane soundtrack to go with it. Composer Dan Licht combined the eerie percussion sounds with the intense string and bass instruments to create the illusion that you are on a mission in the Empire of the Isles.

    The Last Guardian - Takeshi Furukawa

    The Last Guardian video game takes its players into a new world of stunning visuals. In order to enhance the game, Furukawa worked tirelessly on balancing the intense factor of the score, with the sounds of calmness and ambiguity.

    Revelation - Neal Acree

    Coming from a history of love for the Asian culture, Neal was the perfect pick for scoring Revelation. His scores consist of multiple ancient Asian musical sounds with a fantasy twist. His score takes the gamer on a quest through Asia and lets them decide their own fate. Though the video game is based distinctly in traditional Asia, the language of the music is universal.

    Gears of War 4 - Ramin Djawadi

    Taking a completely different turn, the multitalented Game of Thrones composer Ramin Djawadi brings the reality of war battle into the home with his soft musical expertise in Gears of War 4. The music is very modern sounding with electric guitars and a female voice, but also brings classical music into place with violins and other string elements to create a powerful score.

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