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    • amandar53

      Maybe you’ve never seen an attractive lesbian because it isn’t as obvious to you that they are gay. Ifagirl is walking around withamullet and cargo pants, it’s obvious she is gay, but ifagirl has long hair and high heels on, she could be gay and you wouldn’t automatically assume that she was. If you go toalesbian event in Los Angeles or San Francisco there are some of the hottest girls I’ve ever seen, gay or straight.

    • amandar53

      One comment/question I’ve heard numerous times that should be added to the list is, “SoIget ifagirl is attracted toafemmine girl,a man can’t compete with that, But ifagirl isaattracted toamasculine girl, why doesn’t she just go for the real thing and have sex withaboy?” What these people don’t realize is, though the girl may be attracted toamasculine appearance, their butch counterpart is stillawoman emotionally. There isaunderstanding and nuturing that comes fromawoman, that I’ve never found inaheterosexual relationship.

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