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    An Ode To Drunk-Eating

    It's no surprise that drunk-eating is the best part of the night.

    It's the weekend, and it's time to throw back some shots with your friends.

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    Now fast forward a few hours to literally the BEST part of your night.

    No, it's not when you get to break out all those sweet moves on the dance floor.

    And no, it's not when you score the digits from that really attractive person you just met.

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    I'm talking about the happiest moment you will experience the entire night.

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    It all starts when the alcohol takes over your body, and you want to eat everything.

    Next, you try to pinpoint exactly what you're craving.

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    Oh, the possibilities.

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    You finally decide what you want. There's no turning back. You've gotta have it, and you've gotta have it now.

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    The thought of the delicious, delectable, fingerlicking goodness hitting your tongue takes over your brain.

    The anticipation of the first bite makes you so happy, you could cry.

    Now you pull yourself together and dive in.

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    The second you take that first bite, your taste buds explode.

    You can't contain yourself any longer, so you let your emotional attachment to this food take over.

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    And then you proudly glance at the remnants of what was the best moment of your night.

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    All you can do is thank the Food Gods for making this experience possible.

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    Now your food coma will kick in, and you'll fall fast asleep and have sweet dreams of the magical meal you just ate.