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"50 Shades" Tests Positive For Herpes

It's the book with the gift that keeps on giving.

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Well, if you're in Belgium but you never know.

According to flandersnews, two Belgium professors swabbed the ten most borrowed books at the Antwerp library. The naughty novel, "50 Shades of Grey," tested positive for the Herpes virus.

The good news, according to the article, concentrations were so low it didn't pose any major threat.

Still. Herpes.

"50 Shades" wasn't the only novel with the gift that keeps on giving. Pieter Aspe's "Tango" also tested positive. (It's a mystery novel really big in Europe apparently.)

Other books tested positive for cocaine.

The lesson? You might want to grab a disinfecting wipe before you crack open the erotic fiction you just picked up at your local library.

Happy reading.

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