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I could have just submitted the usual resume and cover letter but I know Spanx is no usual company. You inspire, motivate and encourage women to live their best lives and that is a company I want to be a part of. So in honor of your 17th Anniversary, I came up with 17 reasons why I, Amanda Newby am the best candidate for the Inventory Planning Coordinator position.

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1. I Believe In The Product / Via

No matter where you work, it's so important that you believe in what you are working on and the people you are working with. I know Spanx products work, as well as the happiness and confidence it brings to their consumers.

2. I Have Worn Your Product / Via

For nine years! I will never forget buying my first pair before sorority recruitment and never looking back. Spanx has been a part of first dates, job interviews and wedding days. It's a product that bonds women, all shapes, and sizes. When you become a part of your favorite product, you have a sense of pride and an understanding of how important that work you do is. There is no doubt I would feel that while working at Spanx.

3. I Have Worked With The Spanx Product / Via

When I was an Executive Team Leader at Target, one of the areas of the Salesfloor I oversaw was Intimates, and within our Intimates department, we sold the Spanx product, Assets. Having the women's Intimate department zoned and organized so women could find what they were looking for was extremely important to me and our store. We made sure to properly staff the department, so colors, styles, and sizes were always correct and in stock and easy to find.

4. Who Doesn't Love Sara Blakely

You need to trust the leader of your company, where they are taking you and that they have the tools to get you there. Working for a startup I now understand that more than ever. If you admire and believe in the work your boss is doing then you are going to work harder too. They create the energy and the drive within everyone and I know working for Sara Blakely and the Team at Spanx would instill that within me every day.
Amanda Newby / Via Bottom picture from @sarablakely on Instagram

You need to trust the leader of your company, where they are taking you and that they have the tools to get you there. Working for a startup I now understand that more than ever. If you admire and believe in the work your boss is doing then you are going to work harder too. They create the energy and the drive within everyone and I know working for Sara Blakely and the Team at Spanx would instill that within me every day.

5. I Am A Goal Digger / Via

I believe in setting goals and getting uncomfortable in every part of your life, especially at work. I once heard you could either be a "renter" or an "owner" when it comes to your career, and I want to own it. I may come into a job where they have a list expectations, but I will also understand I was hired to make that role even better! If hired I will strive to do that every single day through setting and accomplishing my own goals and goals with our team.

6. I Believe In The Spanx Mission / Via

" To help women feel great about themselves and their potential." Who doesn't want to do that anyway? And to see a company go all in and not only commit to that by making it their mission statement but accomplish it, that is really empowering and something I want to be a part of. The mission of a company is what brings every department and person within the organization together, and gives us all a common goal and I know this is one I want to have a part in.

7. I Am Always Learning / Via

I am constantly listening to podcasts, reading books, watching webinars, attending conferences and joining local Atlanta professional groups. I am always trying to improve, and I don't believe that ever stops. Whether it's in my personal life, my physical and mental health, or my job, you can ever stop learning and trying new things. So much new information comes out every day, and I do my best to stay on top of it, share it, and apply when I can.

8. But I Don't Take Myself Too Seriously / Via

At the same time, I am no expert, and I believe in feedback and having fun. As important as it is to work hard you have to have fun at work too. Afterall you can spend more time with your work family than your real family, and I want people to enjoy working with me. To me that also means getting and giving feedback, it's essential that I am in a work environment that prioritizes that and understands how that fosters a sense of trust and fun.

9. I'll Never Complain... About The Buckhead Traffic / Via

But seriously, I will never complain about any task given to me. Nothing is too small, and I will take pride in everything I do.

10. I Can't Contain Myself When It Comes To Organization / Via

From what I understand about this role, details are going to matter and that all comes down to being organized. I am an avid note taker, list maker, double checker, and question asker. I would be honored if people only had a had a few words to describe me and used organized as one of them.

11. I Am Resilient And Adaptable / Via

Working for Target during the big data breach and working for a small marketing technology startup from the beginning has taught me so much about being resilient and adaptable. You really don't know what you can accomplish until you have exhausted every single resource and have heard your 100th no. Even though I have only been working for five years, I feel like I had seen and learned so much from my two very different work experiences and understand how important it is to be flexible and believe in the process. Working hard means nothing if you can't adapt and overcome the challenges you didn't see coming.

12. I Believe In Routines / Via

About a year ago I read the book The Miracle Morning, and it has taught me how important having a routine is. The author, Hal Elrod talks about the six things you need to do every single morning to jumpstart your day, whether you have 60 minutes or 6 they can be done. This routine has changed my life and my perspective of how to overcome hard times. Above, I explained the importance of being resilient and adaptable, but I don't believe you can survive that unless you have a routine to fall back to. I can imagine that in this role routines will need to be established from day one in order to have success and that is something I can create and manage.

13. I Am A Hard Worker / Via

I know everyone probably says this, but I really take pride in my work and the time I put in it. Two of my strengths are managing execution and drives for results which means I will do whatever it takes to get it done. If I am asked to do something or if I commit to doing it I will work on it until it gets done and ensure it is completed on time. I realize that what I do and don't do affects other peoples workload and what they can accomplish. I can ensure you my work ethic is solid.

14. I Can Manage Chaos / Via

When I came into my role at Converge no one had ever done it before, in fact, my boss (our CEO and Founder) wasn't exactly sure of everything I would and could do. In the beginning, that meant figuring out where to start, what needed to be done first and how to get it done quickly. I wasn't afraid to dive headfirst into any project and continue to ask for more as I completed them, which eventually lead me to the more marketing focused role I have now.

15. I Started From The Bottom Now I Am Here / Via

Meaning I have worked for a large company like Target, I have worked for a small startup with five people, and now I want something in the middle, which I know Spanx can provide. At Target, even though I was a top performer and hard worker I often felt replaceable because it was such a big company. Here, at the marketing startup Converge, I don't think they are utilizing all my skills and understand what to do with my desire to do more. Spanx would provide something in the middle, where I still know what and who I am working for and can see where my hard work and dedication can take me.

16. I Am A Really Good Party Guest... Like For When Spanx Turns 18 / Via

And year 19, 29 and so on. I want to be a part of more Spanx anniversaries, celebrations, and milestones because that will mean I had one small role in making it happen. I believe in celebrating success and even failures, as long as you can learn something, even if it's to never do that again.

17. I Am Not Afraid To Embarrass Myself... Like Making This List To Get A Job At Spanx / Via

Sara Blakely says you need to get over embarrassing yourself! Don't let the fear of embarrassment have so much control over you! And that can only be done by doing it often and I know that is something I need more practice with, so why not start now?

18. BONUS: I Am Not Afraid to Embarrass Other People / Via

Like that one time, I didn't realize my pair of Spanx was in our dry cleaning bag and I had my boyfriend drop it off. Well, he was very surprised when the guy at the dry cleaner counter pulled it out, basically threw them back at him and asked him to explain what those were. Whoops...

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