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The 7 Stages Of Watching Law & Order SVU

It's the best crime show out there...Mariska & Meloni? Puts you through an emotional roller coaster; buckle up.

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1. Hypnosis.

You see that SVU is on and you think to yourself... maybe I'll watch it for a little while. The first minute... you're so invested that the world could be ending and you wouldn't notice.

2. Paralyzing fear.

The premise starts to build and you can't believe what's someone gonna get shot? where is Elliot going? WHY IS OLIVIA GOING INTO THAT DARK ALLEY ALONE?? you yell at the TV.

3. Confusion.

It's only half way through the did we already find out who committed the crime? Ugh now I'm scared again because I don't know what's coming next...

4. Feelings for Detective Elliot Stabler.

What do they call girls in their 20's who find Christopher Meloni super sexy?.....if there's no word there should be. Elliot Stabler; cop, marine, just a bundle of sexy. Age is only a number.

5. Desire for Olivia & Elliot to get together already.

The sexual tension is too much between these Stabler & Benson for life. So in love.

6. Shock.

Right before the end something big always happens...with like 5 minutes to go. How much can they fit in 5 minutes and why am I sweating so much. #anxiety

7. Frustration that leads to contentment.

Sometimes there's closure in the episode...and sometimes it's a cliffhanger that will never be resolved. That's the price you pay for getting hooked on SVU. Now excuse me while I waste the entire day devoted to Benson and Stabler. Thanks USA.

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