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    19 Ridiculously Creative Geocache Containers

    Geocaching is a game where GPS is used to play a grown-up version of hide and seek. The challenge with finding a cache is that it could be the the size of a shoebox size or the size of a tic-tac.

    1. A Fairy House in a Wooded Wonderland

    2. In a Rock Hidden Among Cactus

    3. In a Pre-Cut Log

    4. Under a Table in Fake Gum

    5. Under Fake Poo in the Brush

    6. Driven into Nuts and Bolts

    7. Tucked Inside a Birdhouse

    8. In a Magnetized Gum Tin

    9. Peeking Out of a Sprinkler Head

    10. Rolling Around in a Tennis Ball

    11. Sleeping with the Fishes

    12. At The Bottom of a Tube

    13. Squeezed with a Message in a Bottle

    14. Corked Up

    15. Growing Funghii

    16. Nesting with the Birds

    17. Exploring the Vents

    18. Beneath the Tide

    19. In a Miniature Ammo Box