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    Posted on May 26, 2012

    19 Ridiculously Creative Geocache Containers

    Geocaching is a game where GPS is used to play a grown-up version of hide and seek. The challenge with finding a cache is that it could be the the size of a shoebox size or the size of a tic-tac.

    1. A Fairy House in a Wooded Wonderland

    An Enchanted Cache is located in Northwest Arkansas. The house kit was bought on Etsy and the cache is hidden in a Playdough container amongst the rocks. To take it one step further, you could find a hollow tree and a hinged door and really pull it all together.

    2. In a Rock Hidden Among Cactus

    This micro cache was fit into the rock by drilling a hole large enough to squeeze it in there. Then the cache was dusted up below some cactus and left to be found.

    3. In a Pre-Cut Log

    When you're trekking through the woods, what fits in better than.... wood? This log was assembled and drilled at home, then brought out into the wild to plot its coordinates.

    4. Under a Table in Fake Gum

    Nano caches are about the size of a TicTac and only include a scroll inside to sign your team name. As if it's not cruel enough to plant one of these in the first place, these fake gum caches take it to the next level. This particular one was found under a metal table with a magnet.

    5. Under Fake Poo in the Brush

    The only benefit to this cache is that the clues have got to be littered with poop and fart jokes like Duck, Duck, Poop.

    6. Driven into Nuts and Bolts

    With this cache, it's easy to hide, wedge or even screw it into something. You can find them in trees but also in those abandoned little pipes that poke out of buildings.

    7. Tucked Inside a Birdhouse

    Birdhouses are getting popular because they're easy to customize and fit in fairly well, especially in wildlife sanctuaries when you can make a double-decker to serve the dual purpose of housing some birdies too. Check out this rocket-powered bird house.

    8. In a Magnetized Gum Tin

    The trouble with this cache is that were it ever to spend time on the ground, it's probably a shoe in for the trash can. Few would open it to check if there's an extra piece left before tossing it in the garbage.

    9. Peeking Out of a Sprinkler Head

    This sprinkler head could fit in almost anywhere without being noticed.

    10. Rolling Around in a Tennis Ball

    A tennis ball is a tough object to obscure. It's yellow, and it's probably going to be hiding in an area where dogs sniff around once in a while. Still, this cache can easily come with witty clues and a creative hiding spot.

    11. Sleeping with the Fishes

    Known as DiveCaching, these ones are weighted or tied underwater.

    12. At The Bottom of a Tube

    This geocache was called Sea Monkey Central and required the geocacher to fill the tube up with water in order to snag the cache.

    13. Squeezed with a Message in a Bottle

    Most caches you find aren't as clean and pretty as this little capsule, but they all start out this way! This nano cache has just enough room to hold the scroll, but you ought to provide your own pencil.

    14. Corked Up

    The cork cache holds a nano cache and can be plugged into random holes and tubes whenever the crevice arrises.

    15. Growing Funghii

    This little yellow mushroom stands out enough to be found, but not enough to be spotted from afar.

    16. Nesting with the Birds

    This handmade nest and cache combo can be tucked into branches above the normal focal range for clues that encourage cachers not to count their eggs before they hatch.

    17. Exploring the Vents

    Flickr: schrottie

    Everybody wants to be one of those guys in the movies who gets to crawl through the vents. Live vicariously through your geocache by plotting coordinates in front of a crawlspace that only a cache could love. Bonus points for staying dry.

    18. Beneath the Tide

    What's neat about this pill bottle cache is that it's weighted to a brick so that it moves very little and can only be found when the tide goes out.

    19. In a Miniature Ammo Box

    Next to Tupperware, ammo boxes get the gold star for most popular cache arsenal. This mini ammo box fits the bill for micro caches and might even fit a little pencil in there.

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