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    22 Dishes You Shouldn't Bring To Your Memorial Day BBQ

    A few may also be called "dishes you absolutely must bring" depending on what kind of Memorial Day barbecue this is.

    1. Thousand year-old deviled eggs

    Unless you're in China, in which case this probably isn't a Memorial Day barbecue.

    2. Obamacakes

    Unless you want to get into that discussion.

    3. Spaghetti weenies

    Unless you know whether to use sauce or a bun.

    4. Pretzels that look like vaginas

    Unless it's that kind of party.

    Credit: Alysha McCooe, Photographer

    5. Smart-looking jello shots

    Unless you're celebrating one more day free from the zombie apocalypse.

    6. Mao Sugiyama's leftovers

    Unless you really like this guy.

    7. Salads too small to eat

    Unless you're hosting a barbecue for ants!

    8. Any kind of caviar

    Unless you're showing off What Rich People Eat.

    (Reuters / MAXIM SHEMETOV)

    9. Enemy of the cakes

    Unless you want your ass kicked.

    10. Spray-painted golden tomatoes

    Unless they're small enough to fit in the tiny salad.

    11. Nightmare-provoking ice cubes for the children

    Unless none of them are yours.

    12. Punch that uses frozen strawberries

    Unless you're ready to label it like this.

    13. Pickled sea slugs

    Unless they ran out of dill hamburger chips.

    14. Jello made with circus peanuts

    Unless you're feeding a party of people with Dysgeusia.

    15. Cockroach-infused hashbrowns

    Unless you're hosting a party of birds.

    16. Haggis aka sheep organs

    Unless they ran out of lamb chops.

    17. Red velvet onion rings

    Unless you're ready to blow everyone's minds

    18. Meatloaf hands

    Unless nobody is fresh out of the burn unit.

    19. Graham cracker band-aids

    Unless you're sure that's not real blood.

    20. Cake that looks like kitty litter

    Unless you're catering a cat party in which case this is perfectly acceptable.

    21. Salt made from tears of anger

    Unless they're your tears.

    22. Spinach muffins

    Unless you're crashing the party with Popeye.

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