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    22 Dishes You Shouldn't Bring To Your Memorial Day BBQ

    A few may also be called "dishes you absolutely must bring" depending on what kind of Memorial Day barbecue this is.

    1. Thousand year-old deviled eggs

    2. Obamacakes

    3. Spaghetti weenies

    4. Pretzels that look like vaginas

    5. Smart-looking jello shots

    6. Mao Sugiyama's leftovers

    7. Salads too small to eat

    8. Any kind of caviar

    9. Enemy of the cakes

    10. Spray-painted golden tomatoes

    11. Nightmare-provoking ice cubes for the children

    12. Punch that uses frozen strawberries

    13. Pickled sea slugs

    14. Jello made with circus peanuts

    15. Cockroach-infused hashbrowns

    16. Haggis aka sheep organs

    17. Red velvet onion rings

    18. Meatloaf hands

    19. Graham cracker band-aids

    20. Cake that looks like kitty litter

    21. Salt made from tears of anger

    22. Spinach muffins