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    16 Ways To Look Professional When You Don't Feel Like It

    Business Casual? More like Work-from-Home-Awesome. Don't let the man get you down; you can have your jersey knit and wear it too.

    1. The Zuckerberg-Ain't-Got-Shizz-On-You Hoodie

    2. Sweet brass chains on your camera (if you're a photographer).

    3. Add a belt to your frumpiest dresses.

    4. Dress pants that are sweat pants!

    5. Add a hat to your lumberjack wear.

    6. On that note... grow a beard and wear glasses for the complete package.

    7. Add a Daniel Faraday skinny tie to whatever.

    8. Upgrade your crappy jeans with nice shoes.

    9. Add glasses to your "laundry day" getup.

    10. Uh... bowtie?

    11. Wear a distinguished stache.

    12. Upcycle ex-husband's duds.

    13. Add a freaking sweet watch.

    14. Hide your pasties with leggings and tights.

    15. Wear so many layers that you become an optical illusion.

    16. Suspenders.

    Just don't forget YOUR PANTS, silly!