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    15 Wacky Pet Dye Jobs: Hot Or Not?

    You thought pets in costumes and dresses were wacky? How about dying your Chow to look like a Panda, or your Poodle to look like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

    The OlympaDoodle

    Wishes this costume granted him the ability to carry the Olympic torch.

    The Panda Chow

    According to, "For the panda look, some of the fur was cut and some of the hair was bunched up in elastic bands to create the short rounded ears of a panda."

    The Tiger Retriever

    According Shanghaiist, "this particular tiger dog, actually a Golden Retriever in tiger dye, was exhibited in Zhengzhou City alongside four buddies made to look like pandas."

    The SkeleCat

    A costume for Halloween made with vegetable dye and neutralized bleach.

    Born in the U.S. of Horse

    Proud to be an American! Or a target.. you never know these days.

    The LepreCat

    Apparently, this groomer dyed her mom's cat for St. Patricks Day.

    The Peacock Poodle

    The peacock is supposed to be a symbol of being "lucky", but there's nothing lucky about this haircut for Cindy the Poodle.

    The Mohawk Mutt

    Take a white dog, add some argyle and a red mohawk and you've got yourself a skankin' good time.

    The SpriteDoodle

    Rainbow Brite, meet your new best friend.

    Pac Mutt

    This groomer could have at least made Cindy the Poodle into Ms. Pac Man instead.

    The Punk Rock Pooch

    On her playlist: Avril Lavigne, MxPx and Dropkick Murphy's.

    The Zebra Dog

    If you can't take your dog to the zoo, bring the zoo to your dog.

    Thanksgiving Dinner

    Did someone say "mashed potatoes"?

    The American Canine

    Don't forget to walk your American flag three times a day.

    Teenage Mutant NinjaDoodle

    Thankfully the groomer says that after every contest, the pooches get a nice clean shave.

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