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10 Types Of Tea That'll Calm You Down

Ready to sip some leaves, flowers and stems to get your calm on? Calm-seeking stressheads, world-changing entrepreneurs and mommy-bloggers trying to hold up three work-from-home jobs can probably take some credit for the rise in tea sales over the last few years.

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1. Lavender Tea

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Big surprise that Lavender, a commercial success, tops the list here. Not only is Lavender said to be an anti-inflammatory (good for your gut, which is good for your mind) but it's also supposed to reduce anxiety in women. If you're allergic to pollen, you might consider chatting with your doc before taking any herbal teas.

2. Ashwaganda Tea

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Ashwaganda has been used as an Indian medicine for thousands of years. In addition to promoting a general sense of well-being, it's said to help clear your mind, treat hypertension, treat severe stress and nervous exhaustion. The bonus here is that this herb is good enough to be sipped in the morning and won't send you into snoozeland halfway though the workday. LiveStrong thinks it might be the cure for our stressful lifestyles.


3. California Poppy Tea

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California Poppy can be dried into tea for a headache cure and to get you in the mood for snoozing. The (bitter) California Poppyseed extract can also be added to any tea for a nice send-off before bed. Alternatively, just buy the tea which is said to help with insomnia and nervousness. No, it's not the same opiate you're thinking of.

4. Chamomile Tea

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Chamomile has been popularized as the go-to tea for relaxation, but consider brewing it in combination with Lavender or any other calm-inducing herbs. It's caffeine-free (like everything else in this list) and retains many of the same health benefits as green tea. It's good for your lady parts too (if you have them).

5. Valerian Root Tea

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Valerian Root is touted as one of the best teas for calming down. Hippocrates prescribed it as the cure for insomnia in the 4th century, but it's also used in the 21st century to treat anxiety and stress.

6. Lemon Balm Tea

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Lemon Balm isn't your grandmother's greasy lipstick folks. In fact, the terpenes in Lemon Balm are what cause the relaxing effect that's great for insomnia but also for cold sores, heartburn and even to treat Alzheimer's Disease. Combined with valerian root, studies have shown that it can reduce anxiety symptoms.

7. Kava Infused Tea

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Kava has a bit of controversy around the effect it can have on your liver and other organs when taken in high dosages. Still, it's supposed to be even more effective at combating anxiety than Valerian Root, but without making your drowsy. So maybe you should just stick to the diluted, pre-packaged tea versions to start.

8. Rhodiola Rosea Root Tea

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Rhodiola Rosea Root, also called Roseroot and the Golden Root, is said to help regulate your hormones and boost your mood. While supposedly great at reducing anxiety, it's also meant to increase your energy and sex drive. Rawr!

9. Passionflower Tea

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Passionflower is actually prescribed commercially to treat Generalized Anxiety Disorder in the form of a medication called Oxazepam. Due to overdose side effects like sleepiness and headaches, they say to get lazy and stick with the tea. Add a teaspoon of dried passionflower to a cup of boiling water and voila.

10. Skullcap Infusion (For Your Anxious Dog)

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Oh you thought this was all about you, huh? Well it is, because an anxious dog makes for a nerve-wracked human. Thankfully, Skullcap is used to treat nervous tension in dogs and can be added to their water, but remember to follow these guidelines for giving herbs to your pets. Chamomile is also great for helping dogs with anxiety.

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